Not All Lost Souls Will Be Missed

My friends and colleagues, municipal politicians and construction professionals had long complained to me about my will to preserve every single building slated for demolition. If you have read this blog this far, you might probably have an idea whether they are right or not. If you haven’t maybe you should go to the beginningContinue reading “Not All Lost Souls Will Be Missed”

White House Comes Crumbling Down

A new year, but sadly nothing new in terms of adventures. The massive rebuilding of the city of Oulu continued. Almost every single meeting of the city council included several new plans, where old parts of the city was demolished to make way for new buildings, mainly apartments. And this included places abandoned at anContinue reading “White House Comes Crumbling Down”

Saying Goodbye at the end of the Summer

The last few posts have been more about demolition than exploring abandoned buildings. I believe these two things go hand in hand, after all they are successive phases in the life cycle of a building. First it’s planned, then constructed, abandoned and eventually demolished. Sometimes demolition comes quickly, sometimes the place sits abandoned for decades.Continue reading “Saying Goodbye at the end of the Summer”

From Coaches to Couches and Fading Away

I had been looking at this place for a long time seeking a way in. It was a massive, U-shaped complex on the outskirts of the town, and its latest inhabitant had been a furniture store. The chain was declared bankrupt in 2011, and since then the place had been empty. It stood there peacefullyContinue reading “From Coaches to Couches and Fading Away”

Just Another Day at the Office

It was a Thursday afternoon, shortly before 4 pm. I had had another tight day at work, but had started early, so I was also allowed to escape early. When leaving work, I noticed something was different, so I decided to take a detour. This building was a part of the headquarters of newspaper Kaleva.Continue reading “Just Another Day at the Office”

Anticipating Changes

Just another hardworking excavator performing its daily duty? Yes and no. This petrol station had opened in 1959, and for 57 years it had served cars and drivers. The building was original despite small facelifts being done, and it was probably one of the oldest petrol stations still in operation in Oulu and the wholeContinue reading “Anticipating Changes”

A Cabin in the Woods

Long bike trips were a thing for me that summer. And while biking in the suburbs, I was always on the lookout for new abandoned houses. Somewhere on the outskirts of the suburb Kaakkuri I spotted this tiny cottage, which most definitely seemed abandoned. The day was beautiful, and there were a lot of peopleContinue reading “A Cabin in the Woods”

The Writing is on the Wall

And here we are again. Another friend of mine learned about my adventures and wanted to see an abandoned building. The villa happened to be nearby, so we went there. My previous visit had been around one and a half months ago, so I didn’t expect anything special. I got the surprise of a lifetime.Continue reading “The Writing is on the Wall”

Second Chance

Three days had passed since I noticed, that the demolition of the old mail truck depot had begun. It was Friday evening, and I had decided to go on a small biking trip after work. I got overly excited and soon found myself from Tyrnävä, a village 35 kilometres from Oulu. As my bike wasContinue reading “Second Chance”

I’ve Been Keeping an Eye on You

A rainy May day is a perfect day to visit a flea market, isn’t it? The flea market was located in a red brick building outside the city center. It was a strange, fan-shaped building, which had originally served as a mail truck depot for decades. Although simple and rugged, I rather liked its looks.Continue reading “I’ve Been Keeping an Eye on You”