White House Comes Crumbling Down

A new year, but sadly nothing new in terms of adventures. The massive rebuilding of the city of Oulu continued. Almost every single meeting of the city council included several new plans, where old parts of the city was demolished to make way for new buildings, mainly apartments. And this included places abandoned at an increasing rate.

One of them was the White House. Unlike its namesake, it wasn’t a grandiose building serving the community or the symbol of the town. It was one of the so many simple, indistinguishable 1950’s brick houses, which made the city of Oulu look like Oulu.

The White house was built in 1956 as an apartment building for the teachers of a local business institute. It was apparently in a very bad shape, and demolition permit had already been granted before the new plan to demolish most of the institute which was now a vocational school for youth with special needs was approved.

I had noticed that the White House was empty, and it was on my exploration shortlist. Imagine my surprise, when I saw this going to the bar one night:

So there we go again, another missed opportunity. Most of the school was demolished some time later. The old brick building seen behind the ruins of the White House was protected, though.

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