Match Factory Ruins

In the early 1870’s a match factory was founded next to a small river near a large mansion. It burned down in 1918 and the construction of a new factory was started a few years later. In 1925 an accident on the construction site killed the owner of the business and he was the onlyContinue reading “Match Factory Ruins”

Factory Workers’ Court

You know this story, right. You’re cruising on a road in a place you’ve rarely visited, when you spot something interesting in the woods. Maybe it’s broken or boarded up windows, maybe an overgrown yard. You just catch a glimpse of it before it is behind trees again, so you take the next crossing, turnContinue reading “Factory Workers’ Court”

Work in Progress Part III

Another look at the room with the vintage lamp. The door frames look like they have been torn off and there’s a ladder on the floor. It actually also seems like the floor is not really a floor but just two very large boards piled on top of another. The main stairway of the apartmentsContinue reading “Work in Progress Part III”

Work In Progress Part I

I was driving along a rural road, when I spotted something interesting along the way in a very small village. Once again the building screamed abandonment. The text on the wall indicated, that it was a former dairy processing plant. Actually I wasn’t too sure, if the place was abandoned or not. The bushes indicated,Continue reading “Work In Progress Part I”

100 Years of History Gone in a Day

The following stop on my tour of Finland was Liperi. It was early afternoon, we were hungover as hell and slowly making our way back towards Helsinki through all possible places in Northern Karelia. It was scorching hot, so we stopped to buy some cold drinks in the local store. The whole village smelled ofContinue reading “100 Years of History Gone in a Day”

Mätäsvaara Mine

Where there is a former mining village, there is also a former mine. This time it isn’t very hard to find it. The sign says ‘Mätäsvaara Mine Stage’, and this is exactly what it is. A stage and a stand have been built in the old quarry to be used by the local yearly classicalContinue reading “Mätäsvaara Mine”

A Tiny Oddity

Most of the factory next to the Barbed Wire Villa has been demolished since production ended in the 1980’s, but several buildings in various states of decay were still around. The area of the main factory was now a metal recycling plant. But on the opposite side of the road from it were two otherContinue reading “A Tiny Oddity”

I Don’t Think I’m Welcome

Earlier that summer I was introduced to a fellow urbexer. My friend told me, that this person knew loads of potential locations, but was very careful about them. We started following each other on Instagram, and this proved to be very handy. Every time I was near an interesting location, this person would send meContinue reading “I Don’t Think I’m Welcome”

The Mill Is Open

The Southeastern part of Finland has a strong tradition in forest industry. Since the late 19th century around a dozen pulp mills and dozens of paper mills have cooked wealth to the Finnish society. In recent decades times have been hard. Paper machine after paper machine has been shut down, in the early 2000’s andContinue reading “The Mill Is Open”

First Came Development, Then There Was Fire

For several years now I had read stories and seen photos about an area called Tehtaanmäki (Factory Hill) near Savio, Kerava. There had been a massive rubber factory, and somewhere behind it was the factory’s former residential area. What I understood from articles like this one, there had been several beautiful brick houses and severalContinue reading “First Came Development, Then There Was Fire”