Valkolinna, Vaasa (2009)

A building by a famous architect originally built for the Finnish white guard turned first into an abattoir and then a storage for a construction company before being abandoned and demolished in 2009 and 2018.

The Place Where My Nightmares Were Made (2010)

A classy old abattoir in a small Finnish village. The last animals were slaughtered years ago, and now the place houses lots of surprises.

Martinniemi Planing Mill and Power Plant, Haukipudas (2011)

Formerly these buildings were part of a complex employing a whole village. They had been vacant and vandalized for decades. The planing mill was demolished later in 2011 and the power plant in 2017.

Torinvarsi School, Hamina (2011)

The largest school and a local landmark in a small town, it had fallen into bad shape. Loads of educational history had been left behind, when teaching ended in 2005. The building was partly demolished in 2012.

Lohipato School, Oulu (2012)

A former school for children with special needs was last used by different small companies and organizations. It was abandoned because of a huge water leak. The building was demolished in 2013.

The Dancing Ghost of the School (2012)

An experimental photo shoot in the school for children with special needs with a dancer.

Workers’ Institute (2014)

Built in the 1950’s to combat communism, things still looked good 30 years later. In 2002 the academy moved away and the place was abandoned in 2010.

Vocational School Dormitory, Oulu (2015)

An early 1950’s dormitory building with an annex from the 1970’s. The place was abandoned in 2008 because of air quality problems and was demolished in 2019.

Linnahall, Tallinn (EST) (2015)

A concert hall and ice rink built for the Olympics in 1980, the massive brutalist venue now sits idle on one of the best spots in town. There have been plans to renovate it, but so far nothing has happened.

Modernist Villa in Toppila, Oulu (2015)

Once a luxurious home with a pool, the villa was located near an industrial area. When the city needed more apartments, it was doomed. The house stood vacant for years and was demolished in 2020.

Kruunuvuori Villas, Helsinki (2015)

An area for the rich and famous in the early 20th century and later perhaps the most famous urban exploration site in Finland. The villas were neglected for decades, collapsed and burned down one after another. The last one was destroyed in 2021.

Hotel Fenno, Vaasa (2015)

A low budget hotel located near the port of Vaasa closed down in 2012 and the owners vanished. I arrived with my camera just before the vandals, who messed up everything. In 2019 the bulldozers stepped in to end the story.

Unfinished House, Benalmadena (ESP) (2016)

A construction project, which fell victim to the recession in the late first decade of the 2000’s. The place offered little opportunity for photography, but the ending was happy. Construction was finished prior to 2019.

Mail Truck Depot, Oulu (2016)

Built in the early 60’s for storing and maintaining vehicles of the national mail company, it had hosted small businesses for years. One by one they moved away and demolition started in 2016.

Workers’ Institute (2016)

Another visit to the workers’ institute already photographed in 2014. This time we explored the upper floors of the main building and all the three annexes from different eras.

Modernist Villa in Toppila, Oulu (2016)

A second gallery from the villa also explored a year earlier. This time I was also able to explore the upstairs. Since my previous visit someone had walked through the house leaving all kinds of messages to future explorers.

Brewery (2016)

Founded in the 19th century, the brewery closed down in late 1970’s. The rumour had it, that all machinery was still there ready for the restart which never happened. Most of it was demolished in 2019, but the building explored still partially stands.

A Cabin in the Woods, Oulu (2016)

A small wooden cottage, which had stood uninhabited for a very long time and was mainly used as a storage. The roof had already started giving in, and the place was demolished some time after my visit.

Demolition of Kaleva Print, Oulu (2016)

A 1980’s printing house became useless, when modern technology made it possible to build a new one outside town. This gallery shows, how the building was torn down during the hot days of a summer.

Former Car and Furniture Store, Oulu (2016)

A 1960’s building where first cars and then furniture was sold. Became useless after a bankrupcy and was demolished in 2016 to make way for apartments.

K. E. Nyman Element Factory, Vaasa (2017)

The old factory of a regionally important construction company was shut down in 1993 after a bankrupcy. It sat idle for 26 years before being demolished and replaced by a supermarket.

Palace of Concerts and Sports, Vilnius (LTU) (2017)

Built by the Soviet Union, the building was the starting point of the Lithuanian independence movement. It has stood abandoned since 2004.

Zalgiris Stadium, Vilnius (LTU) (2017)

The former stadium of Zalgiris Vilnius and the Lithuanian national football team was the largest stadium in Lithuania until its demolition. Half of the once gracious landmark was gone by the time of my visit.

The Cursed School (2017)

This former school in the suburbs of a small industrial town had been a beautiful building. Years of neglect had done no good, and the walls were full of menacing messages.

The Working Class Girl (2017)

An experimental photo shoot with a dancer in the previously featured former workers’ institute.

The Worker Gal (2017)

An experimental photo shoot with a dancer in a previously featured abandoned sawmill power station.

Pyhä-Nattanen, Sodankylä (2017)

A hike to the top of an ancient holy site of Sámi people in Lapland. There are also WWII era ruins somewhere here.

Newspaper Kaleva, Oulu (2017)

The former office building of the largest newspaper in Northern Finland was abandoned in late 2017 and demolished in 2018. The photos have been shot just days after the last edition was made.

Lassinkallio School, Oulu (2018)

A former school, which served its last years as a workers’ institute. The building was demolished in 2018.

Demolition of Newspaper Kaleva, Oulu (2018)

The former offices of the largest newspaper in Northern Finland under demolition.

Paulamäki Villa, Oulu (2018)

An early 20th century villa, which was completely missed by the city planning department and was under serious demolition threat.

Police Association Villa, Oulu (2019)

Originally the summerplace of a wealthy family, it became a clubhouse for the police force in the city. They built newer and smaller buildings on the same premises, and the old villa was left to rot.

Modernist Villa in Toppila, Oulu (2019)

A final gallery from the villa featured also in 2015 and 2016. Since then the place had gotten lots of colour on its walls. The building was demolished in 2020.

The Cottage by the Closed Road, Oulu (2019)

A cottage in a very remote location had seen better days. There were lots of newspapers and personal artifacts from the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. The building has since burned down.

Adventure Park Peukkula, Jyväskylä (2019)

Opened in the late 1990’s, the adventure park attracted up to 30 000 visitors a year. It was closed down in 2015 and decay came quickly.

Municipal Home (2019)

Built as a municipal home in the early 20th century, the last inhabitants were alcoholics and disabled. When the buildings deteriorated too much, they moved away, and the place was abandoned.

Rust in Peace (2019)

Two abandoned cars found in a forest by a narrow dirt road near the Russian border. Both had sat there for ages and would never move again.

The Quarry (2019)

An old quarry, which apparently operated between the 1980’s and 1990’s, is now a popular swimming place although the mining company tries to keep people away.

Tuberculosis Sanatorium (2019)

Built in the 1930’s, this tuberculosis sanatorium last served as a refugee centre. A plan to convert it to high rise apartments for seniors didn’t materialize, and the city has neglected the valuable property for years.

Ralph’s House (2019)

A small one family house, which had stood abandoned for almost 15 years. It looks innocent, but there was a secret hidden in it.

A Mouldy Ruin (2019)

Mold had taken over a one family house in a remote location, which I found thanks to other urban explorers. Demolition permit was granted in 2021 and a new house now occupies the lot.

The House of Dirty Stories (2019)

A small one family house hidden by the forest. The upstairs featured lots of newspapers, magazines and other peculiarities from the early 1970’s onwards.

Kello Workers’ House, Haukipudas (2019)

A workers’ house built in 1917 and abandoned in the 2000’s after being deemed unsafe by authorities. After around 10 years of neglect it was demolished in 2020.

Workers’ Institute (2019)

A workers’ institute visited previously in 2014, 2016 and 2017. This gallery features photos from one of the four buildings. Demolition started in 2020.

Horse Farm (2019)

A property with a home and several auxiliary buildings one of which had been a horse stable. They had probably stood abandoned for more than a decade.

Ruins of a Life (2019)

An old farm house located on this plot of land has been demolished, but cleaning has been sloppy. Several signs of life were still there to be found.

A Collapsing Cottage (2019)

A small two room cottage, with very little items left behind. Looks sound from the outside, but not much was keeping it together anymore.

The Sawyer’s Villa (2019)

This large one family house had probably been built in the early 20th century and had stood abandoned for a long time. It might have something to do with a former wood processing plant nearby.

Ruins of Soso Station, Muhos (2019)

Foundations covered in plants is all that is left from a rural railway station in the middle of nowhere. The station manager and his family were bludgeoned to death with a hammer during a robbery in the 1950’s.

Abandoned Villa (2019)

A luxurious one family home and two luxurious cars have stood abandoned for years in a very popular neighborhood.

Tulliniemi Nature Trail, Hanko (2020)

A photo diary about a trip to the southernmost point of Finland. Was expecting to find nature, found old WWII era barracks and artillery stations.

Flour Mill (2020)

A former flour mill built originally in 1918 and enlarged during the years. Abandoned after a bankrupcy in 1992. The newer annexes were demolished in the 90’s, but the original part got protection status and has stood empty ever since.

Petrol Station, Grankulla (2020)

Built in the 70’s or 80’s, this petrol station originally wore Esso colours. Between 2007 and 2010 it became a ST1. Abandoned for years it was demolished later in 2020.

A Tired Home (2020)

An ordinary rural home with a garage, sauna and cowshed. Pretty much everything on the premises had collapsed.

Mental Asylum (2020)

A former municipal home built in the 1920’s and enlarged in the 1950’s. Patients left in the early 2000’s, and the buildings were used by other social services before being abandoned.

Nursing Home (2020)

Built in the 1930’s as a municipal home, enlarged in the 1950’s and again in the 1980’s. Apparently abandoned since around 2015 and a massive heating system breakdown has since destroyed the building’s future.

Business Street, Myllykoski (2020)

Technically not abandoned, these business premises are located by one street in the village of Myllykoski, Kouvola. When the pulp mill nearby was closed, everything else was closed, too.

Kymintehdas Area, Kuusankoski (2020)

The former paper and pulp mill was first opened in the late 19th century and closed down gradually by early 2000’s. Most of the buildings have found new use.

Regional Hospital Residential Area (2020)

A residential area for the staff of a regional hospital. Most of the buildings were abandoned, and even the hospital has closed since.

The Travel Lover’s Cottage (2020)

A small house from the early 20th century, time of abandonment unknown, but after 2011. The downstairs had been cleaned, but there was still lots of original stuff left in the upstairs.

The Railorader’s Cottage (2020)

A small house in a former industrial village had been abandoned for a very long time. It’s architecture and location next to a long since demolished railway station hint, that it perhaps had housed railroad workers.

Police Association Villa, Oulu (2020)

A second visit to a former police association villa, which had stood abandoned for years if not decades. The building was demolished early in 2021.

Vocational School, Porvoo (2020)

The demolition site of a former Swedish speaking vocational school. The first buildings had been built in the 1950’s and the place had educated several generations before its closure.

The Sleigh Ride Cottage (2020)

A small two bedroom cottage abandoned a long time ago.

The Barbed Wire Villa (2020)

A beautiful old house in a small village, where a large factory had been located. Entry was made impossible by barbed wire at every entrance.

Mental Asylum (2020)

One of the last still abandoned buildings in a large mental asylum area closed down in 2000. The other buildings have been either demolished to make way for a large spa hotel or renovated for tourism purposes.

Mäntylä Hospital, Lappeenranta (2020)

A hospital complex featuring buildings from the 1930’s and 1960’s. Abandoned in 2010, the property was bought by a nearby cement factory. The buildings were demolished in 2021.

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