The gallery page contains photos of some of the buildings described in the blog. The places, which I managed to explore thoroughly and where I got lots of good quality photos, are featured here.

Valkolinna, Vaasa (2009)

A building by a famous architect originally built for the Finnish white guard turned first into an abattoir and then a storage for a construction company before being abandoned and demolished.

The Place Where My Nightmares Were Made (2010)

A classy old abattoir in a small Finnish village. The last animals were slaughtered years ago, and now the place houses lots of surprises.

Martinniemi Planing Mill and Power Plant (2011)

Formerly these buildings were part of a complex employing a whole village. Now they have been vacant and vandalized for decades.

Torinvarsi School, Hamina (2011)

The largest school and a local landmark in a small town, it had fallen into bad shape. Loads of educational history had been left behind, when teaching ended in 2005.

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