Valkolinna, Vaasa (2009)

A building by a famous architect originally built for the Finnish white guard turned first into an abattoir and then a storage for a construction company before being abandoned and demolished in 2009 and 2018.

The Place Where My Nightmares Were Made (2010)

A classy old abattoir in a small Finnish village. The last animals were slaughtered years ago, and now the place houses lots of surprises.

Martinniemi Planing Mill and Power Plant, Oulu (2011)

Formerly these buildings were part of a complex employing a whole village. They had been vacant and vandalized for decades. The planing mill was demolished later in 2011.

Torinvarsi School, Hamina (2011)

The largest school and a local landmark in a small town, it had fallen into bad shape. Loads of educational history had been left behind, when teaching ended in 2005. The building was partly demolished in 2012.

Lohipato School, Oulu (2012)

A former school for children with special needs was last used by different small companies and organizations. It was abandoned because of a huge water leak. The building was demolished in 2013.

The Dancing Ghost of the School (2012)

An experimental photo shoot in the school for children with special needs with a dancer.

Workers’ Institute (2014)

Built in the 1950’s to combat communism, things still looked good 30 years later. In 2002 the academy moved away and the place was abandoned in 2010.

Vocational School Dormitory, Oulu (2015)

An early 1950’s dormitory building with an annex from the 1970’s. The place was abandoned in 2008 because of air quality problems and was demolished in 2019.

Linnahall, Tallinn (EST) (2015)

A concert hall and ice rink built for the Olympics in 1980, the massive brutalist venue now sits idle on one of the best spots in town. There have been plans to renovate it, but so far nothing has happened.

Modernist Villa in Toppila, Oulu (2015)

Once a luxurious home with a pool, the villa was located near an industrial area. When the city needed more apartments, it was doomed. The house stood vacant for years and was demolished in 2020.

Kruunuvuori Villas, Helsinki (2015)

An area for the rich and famous in the early 20th century and later perhaps the most famous urban exploration site in Finland. The villas were neglected for decades, collapsed and burned down one after another. The last one was destroyed in 2021.

Hotel Fenno, Vaasa (2015)

A low budget hotel located near the port of Vaasa closed down in 2012 and the owners vanished. I arrived with my camera just before the vandals, who messed up everything. In 2019 the bulldozers stepped in to end the story.

Unfinished House, Benalmadena (ESP) (2016)

A construction project, which fell victim to the recession in the late first decade of the 2000’s. The place offered little opportunity for photography, but the ending was happy. Construction was finished prior to 2019.

Mail Truck Depot, Oulu (2016)

Built in the early 60’s for storing and maintaining vehicles of the national mail company, it had hosted small businesses for years. One by one they moved away and demolition started in 2016.

Workers’ Institute (2016)

Another visit to the workers’ institute already photographed in 2014. This time we explored the upper floors of the main building and all the three annexes from different eras.

Modernist Villa in Toppila, Oulu (2016)

A second gallery from the villa also explored a year earlier. This time I was also able to explore the upstairs. Since my previous visit someone had walked through the house leaving all kinds of messages to future explorers.

Brewery (2016)

Founded in the 19th century, the brewery closed down in late 1970’s. The rumour had it, that all machinery was still there ready for the restart which never happened. Most of it was demolished in 2019, but the building explored still partially stands.

A Cabin in the Woods, Oulu (2016)

A small wooden cottage, which had stood uninhabited for a very long time and was mainly used as a storage. The roof had already started giving in, and the place was demolished some time after my visit.

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