Got Past The Final Boss Part V

Known as the bird attic, the top floor of one of the wings contained five accommodation rooms and a common room. The rooms were located by a corridor. Almost all doors were open. The first room was a shower and bath. The last renovations had probably been made after 2000, because the room looks toContinue reading “Got Past The Final Boss Part V”

I Can Recall Being Here Part II

The building was not just about a corridor or some rooms. There were some open spaces and larger lobbies on the side of it. There were flower pattern boards painted on the walls of the corridor. These are probably original from the 1950’s, like I’ve pointed out in other mental asylums and school and educationContinue reading “I Can Recall Being Here Part II”

I Can Recall being Here Part I

A narrow asphalt road leading somewhere from a regional road. Why would anyone be here? Unless they actually knew what there was out there. I knew. Almost ten years ago I had taken a theatre ensemble to a show in a town I barely knew. One of the people knew I was an urban explorerContinue reading “I Can Recall being Here Part I”

A Chinese Affair Part II

At the end of the last post we were left walking a red carpet into a former mental asylum turned into a some sort of a Chinese day spa. What greeted unauthorized visitors in the hall was a work of Chinese art now destroyed. There was also a large reception desk, which to me looksContinue reading “A Chinese Affair Part II”

Senseless Destruction Part III

I entered the 1930’s built yellow building through the back. This is the main message wrtitten in the kitchen: the school offered shitty potatoes. Quite a message to deliver. The 1930’s building was equally as badly destroyed as the newer building was. There really wasn’t much to see. The old building had been renovated atContinue reading “Senseless Destruction Part III”

The Z Part II

There was still quite a lot of old hospital equipment left in the building. It seemed like the hospital district didn’t care about it anymore after the hospital was closed in 2000. Paint is slowly peeling off the walls. The building has sat abandoned for 20 years, and apparently heating has been off for severalContinue reading “The Z Part II”

I Don’t Think I’m Welcome

Earlier that summer I was introduced to a fellow urbexer. My friend told me, that this person knew loads of potential locations, but was very careful about them. We started following each other on Instagram, and this proved to be very handy. Every time I was near an interesting location, this person would send meContinue reading “I Don’t Think I’m Welcome”

None of Your Business

When the restrictions eased for the first time after the beginning of the covid pandemic, I travelled to my old home town for the first time in a while. I took part in a dance performance, met old friends, drank wine and in general enjoyed the small fragments of freedom, which had returned. One ofContinue reading “None of Your Business”

The Railroader’s Cottage Part I

The village we were on an adventure in had a railroad in it. No major trains had ever stopped there, as it was just the end of a line of a side track connecting a large local factory to the main network. The rails were still there although they hadn’t seen much use after theContinue reading “The Railroader’s Cottage Part I”

My Most Failed Urbexperience

Living in the capital region meant, that I was now able to do a daytrip to almost any of the urbex locations I had read about on other explorers’ sites. And there was one location, which had been intriguing me for quite some time. Laitmanintie was a small road in Western Espoo, where several oneContinue reading “My Most Failed Urbexperience”