Velkua School

The following find wasn’t exactly a find. It was something I knew about, and decided to go and see, if it really was happening. The municipality of Velkua was a very small island municipality throughout its existence. There were only around 250 people living on some small islands and an even smaller area of landContinue reading “Velkua School”

First Came Development, Then There Was Fire

For several years now I had read stories and seen photos about an area called Tehtaanmäki (Factory Hill) near Savio, Kerava. There had been a massive rubber factory, and somewhere behind it was the factory’s former residential area. What I understood from articles like this one, there had been several beautiful brick houses and severalContinue reading “First Came Development, Then There Was Fire”

The Embassy’s Useless Beauty

The idea of roaming through the entire country would be a massive task. One of my aims was to take at least one photograph in each municipality. In some places I knew instantly, where I would head, others were more difficult. One of my first destinations was Kulosaari, an island to the East from Helsinki.Continue reading “The Embassy’s Useless Beauty”

Going, Going, Gone

Despite having moved to the capital region, I still visited my old home town often, several times a month. During the visits I was often busy meeting friends and working. I really didn’t have much time to wander around. As I had spent a good ten years in the city, I knew a lot ofContinue reading “Going, Going, Gone”

The Excavator Made it First Again

In my home town was a café I had frequented for around two years. I loved them because of their service, which was so friendly you actually could imagine the staff being your friends when buying a coffee. I bought a latte there every day on my way to work, exchanged latest things in myContinue reading “The Excavator Made it First Again”

A Sleeping Beauty

Another of my favourite things was taking long bike tours along the river splitting my home town. One of my routes took me through a quiet suburban area, which was rather upper class. I had been biking the same route for around six years and a small villa had caught my eye. It was darkishContinue reading “A Sleeping Beauty”

Destroy the Press Part III

A look from the balcony towards the editorial office reveals, that the mushroom like thing in the middle still remains. The clock has stopped, though. A view from the other corner. Although things still look pretty intact, the demolition has progressed rapidly. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this a vending machine for condoms?Continue reading “Destroy the Press Part III”

Destroy the Press Part II

Our adventures next continued upstairs to the Harris lobby. A part of the stuff left behind by the newspaper still remained. Someone had messed things up, though. It seems this room was used for coffee breaks by the demolition company, as these things weren’t here when I photographed here right after the newspaper had left.Continue reading “Destroy the Press Part II”

Destroy the Press Part I

It was the weekend after I had noticed that the demolition of my old workplace had begun. I was downtown with a couple of friends of mine having a beer. I told them a story about my colleague, who for years joked about setting up a chair in the roundabout next to the old offices,Continue reading “Destroy the Press Part I”

Let the Destruction Begin

Winter was slowly turning to spring, and believe me, in the North of Finland it really happens slowly. In mid-April we were finally over the worst, and it was no longer completely dark at 9 pm. I was driving home from my other hobby (yes, I have other hobbies than UE too), when I noticedContinue reading “Let the Destruction Begin”