Kindergarten Stories

I would never have heard of this place had it not been to one of my most active Instagram followers, who sent me a link to a news item. It was about two 14-year-old boys seeing smoke rise from an abandoned building, running to a nearby store and buying water bottles to put out aContinue reading “Kindergarten Stories”

That’s A Lot Of Wood

It was day four of my summer vacation. I had already left the Åland Islands behind and was now zigzaging smaller and smaller roads to collect all municipalities in Finland. I had slept at a parking lot and been so tired, that I hadn’t woken up, when a truck had parked its trailer right behindContinue reading “That’s A Lot Of Wood”

Approaching The Final Frontier

Mid-August was close, and the evenings were getting darker and darker. My three week summer holiday, which I had saved this far, was just around the corner. Before that I had one more special adventure to go. My friend, who had followed my social media all summer, told me, that she had never been toContinue reading “Approaching The Final Frontier”

The Fish Finger School Part X (With Some Extra Fish Fingers)

As our previous adventure with the Vantaankoski school ended so abruptly, we agreed to meet again and go finish our exploration with my friend. And soon enough, less than a month later, we were back at the scene. Things, however, had changed. There was a large truck bed with stuff on it. It looked likeContinue reading “The Fish Finger School Part X (With Some Extra Fish Fingers)”

When Service Still Meant Service

Another location, which I had passed by some time earlier and only now was able to go take a closer look. This is a former Shell service station built in 1964. Fuel was sold here until the early 2000’s, and since then it has hosted an earth moving company, at least according to Google Maps.Continue reading “When Service Still Meant Service”

The Fall Of Causes

After independence Finland fought a bloody civil war, which left the nation extremely divided. The whites and the reds couldn’t co-operate in almost anything and this led to an interesting dual society. One visible thing were sports clubs. In every major town there was at least one for the right wing people and one forContinue reading “The Fall Of Causes”

House Of Colors Part II

Another look at the kitchen, where the choice of lamp is rather interesting. In the cupboard were still some old conserve cans. They had been carefully cleaned for reuse, and thus revealed nothing about the favorite foods of the last inhabitant. There was even toilet paper left, although the toilet was now unusable. Another interestingContinue reading “House Of Colors Part II”

House of Colors Part I

An early morning, another tiny village with little to see but the church. And an interesting looking house with boarded windows. The corner with the blocked entrance is strange. I’ve seen doors like that in old houses, where there have been small businesses located downstairs and the apartment of the shop owner upstairs. I thinkContinue reading “House of Colors Part I”

Valkeinen Hospital

Welcome to Kuopio, the town of a thick dialect and famous for extremely strange fish pastrys called the Kalakukko (fish cock). They are large rye breads, which are filled with fish, pork and bacon. The locals are passionate about it and often quarrel about what fish should be used and which bakery produces the rightContinue reading “Valkeinen Hospital”