I Don’t Think I’m Welcome

Earlier that summer I was introduced to a fellow urbexer. My friend told me, that this person knew loads of potential locations, but was very careful about them. We started following each other on Instagram, and this proved to be very handy. Every time I was near an interesting location, this person would send meContinue reading “I Don’t Think I’m Welcome”

Not Much Authority Left

The small white cottage was a no go, but we didn’t want to go home empty handed. On our way back towards the town centre, i remembered the old police association villa. Visiting it wouldn’t be a detour too exhausting. So there was a change of plans. A familiar sight from the previous summer, theContinue reading “Not Much Authority Left”

The Embassy’s Useless Beauty

The idea of roaming through the entire country would be a massive task. One of my aims was to take at least one photograph in each municipality. In some places I knew instantly, where I would head, others were more difficult. One of my first destinations was Kulosaari, an island to the East from Helsinki.Continue reading “The Embassy’s Useless Beauty”

Exploring New Territories

What is better than autumn leaves? Autumn leaves in mid-October. And what’s more leaves of a maple. I was used to walking through huge piles of them in my childhood home town, but up north where I spent the past 10 years, were very few maples. This is my colleague taking a shortcut in aContinue reading “Exploring New Territories”

The Sawyer’s Villa Part III

One of the nice, round windows we saw from the outside was in the staircase of the building. When I photograph, I try to catch spaces and shapes. Some of my friends are more interested in details. Well, let’s mimic them this time. This magazine from 1972 is about health and beauty. This issue featuresContinue reading “The Sawyer’s Villa Part III”

The Sawyer’s Villa Part I

Time seemed to fly that summer. And big changes were happening in my life. Like I said in an earlier post, I decided to leave Northern Finland and relocate South. I had applied for jobs all summer, but nothing seemed to happen. Not until July, when my former colleague sent me a message telling meContinue reading “The Sawyer’s Villa Part I”

Same Old Villa, Different Colours Part III

The upstairs was a maze, and now that its windows had been boarded shut, it was a dark maze. As I had been here before, I actually knew what to expect. It was the details I was after. The dialogue between the taggers continued. “Please keep up just a little more”, one begs. “Fuck no”,Continue reading “Same Old Villa, Different Colours Part III”

Same Old Villa, Different Colours Part II

Moving around the villa had been easy and quiet during my previous explorations. Now it was quite the opposite. Vandals had destroyed places so badly, that you had to constantly mind your step. There was rubble from the smashed floor tiles everywhere. There was wood, ther was glass. And we were equipped with just lightContinue reading “Same Old Villa, Different Colours Part II”

Same Old Villa, Different Colours Part I

Leaving town meant also saying goodbye to all the familiar urbex locations I had explored during the past few years. One which I was especially fond of was the modernist villa in Toppila. Since my previous visit the surroundings of the villa had changed a lot. A new temoprary service road had been punctuated inContinue reading “Same Old Villa, Different Colours Part I”

Respect My Authority

When I returned from my holiday to Lisbon, I had made an important decision. This was to be my last summer in the north of Finland. I had never wanted to move there in the first place, and I had been trying to leave as soon as I got there. Ten years had passed, andContinue reading “Respect My Authority”