Anticipating Changes

Just another hardworking excavator performing its daily duty? Yes and no.

This petrol station had opened in 1959, and for 57 years it had served cars and drivers. The building was original despite small facelifts being done, and it was probably one of the oldest petrol stations still in operation in Oulu and the whole of Finland.

In March it was announced, that the place would close down, and the last drop of petrol was refuelled here just before Midsummer. The place stood empty for less than two weeks and in early July it was already being reduced to rubble.

So what, just another old building?

Yes. But this one was demolished, because an underpass for bikers and pedestrians would replace it. And guess, what was on the other side of the road?

Well, I’ll tell you. The empty modernist villa with the creepy ever changing writings on the wall I had explored so many times. The countdown to the destruction of one of my all time favourite exploration targets had started.


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