Destroy the Press Part III

A look from the balcony towards the editorial office reveals, that the mushroom like thing in the middle still remains. The clock has stopped, though. A view from the other corner. Although things still look pretty intact, the demolition has progressed rapidly. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this a vending machine for condoms?Continue reading “Destroy the Press Part III”

Destroy the Press Part II

Our adventures next continued upstairs to the Harris lobby. A part of the stuff left behind by the newspaper still remained. Someone had messed things up, though. It seems this room was used for coffee breaks by the demolition company, as these things weren’t here when I photographed here right after the newspaper had left.Continue reading “Destroy the Press Part II”

Destroy the Press Part I

It was the weekend after I had noticed that the demolition of my old workplace had begun. I was downtown with a couple of friends of mine having a beer. I told them a story about my colleague, who for years joked about setting up a chair in the roundabout next to the old offices,Continue reading “Destroy the Press Part I”

Let the Destruction Begin

Winter was slowly turning to spring, and believe me, in the North of Finland it really happens slowly. In mid-April we were finally over the worst, and it was no longer completely dark at 9 pm. I was driving home from my other hobby (yes, I have other hobbies than UE too), when I noticedContinue reading “Let the Destruction Begin”

Stop The Press Part III

Another slightly more exotic area was the area of the executives of the company. This cabinet was behind the canteen. A former meeting room. Red fabric and dark wood were the dominant colours of this area of the building. If I’m not entirely mistaken, this was where the CEO sat. The third floor had beautifulContinue reading “Stop The Press Part III”

Stop The Press Part II

On the third floor was some sort of a representation lobby, which was far more luxurious than the lobby downstairs. During the last days of the building’s use all kinds of stuff distributed for free to the employees were located here. The corridor looks much scarier than it used to be. To the right wasContinue reading “Stop The Press Part II”

Stop The Press Part I

The demolition of Kaleva Print was just the beginning of changes on the premises. The headquarters of newspaper Kaleva was still located in the older part of the complex, which was still standing. Every morning we went to work to a building, which had an intact facade, but the backside was a massive water filledContinue reading “Stop The Press Part I”

Just Another Day at the Office

It was a Thursday afternoon, shortly before 4 pm. I had had another tight day at work, but had started early, so I was also allowed to escape early. When leaving work, I noticed something was different, so I decided to take a detour. This building was a part of the headquarters of newspaper Kaleva.Continue reading “Just Another Day at the Office”