The Writing is on the Wall

And here we are again. Another friend of mine learned about my adventures and wanted to see an abandoned building. The villa happened to be nearby, so we went there.

My previous visit had been around one and a half months ago, so I didn’t expect anything special. I got the surprise of a lifetime.

When we entered, I immediately noticed, that there was something different in the place.

Someone had gotten philosophical here. Beautiful or ugly, you’ll always see your image in the mirror, it says.

Yes, we do. But this time the villa was ready to reveal some of them. The pile of old furniture in the place of the old stairs was still there. But now someone had punched holes in the wall above the pile, which allowed a careful climb upstairs. I was able to explore it for the first time

The kitchen was upstairs, which is not a common feature in Finnish homes. It was as if the downstairs was built for business and entertaining business partners, and the upstairs was the home, and a rather small one.

The writing continued upstairs. But now the intruders had started communicating with each other.

The fireplace was nice, so was the floor. I still think this had been a really beautiful building before falling out of grace.

The guarding eye?

The pool room is underneath the roof. It’s strange, the roof didn’t function as a balcony.

A strange installation.

One of the best places to hide in this place, actually.

I know, that one shouldn’t make assumptions based on handwriting. But the person, who has written these, is most likely a girl.

Things started to get more threathening. One of my favourite text was actually one, I didn’t photograph. Such a wonderful place to die, it read. And the one with the red paint had written a big yes under it.

The bathroom was large. And mostly destroyed.

Even the bathtub was reduced to rubble. You need strong tools to do that, so someone has really let their aggression loose.

The texts were like a game of hide and seek. They were in really random places, and I explored the building much more carefully than usually to find all of them.

This one was pretty smart. In a way the texts were a form of art.

The upstairs hadn’t been cleaned as extensively as the downstairs. There was a lot of thrash and debris here and there.

So my home then.

The finder gets to keep. Someone had found it before me, as it was empty.

Although I have several times admired the class of this house, the wallpaper is awful. It doesn’t go very well together with the greenish floor.

It’s ok, darling.

That, too, is ok, darling.

The texts make the soul of the villa beautiful, yet broken.

I can relate. My adventures really are different.

This time we also gained access to the garage wing for the first time.

Most of the garages were mainly empty. One of them even contained a grease pit for car mainteinance.

Not all doors to the garage were open, but someone had punched holes to walls so they were all accessible. Narnia was a storage of old books and winter sports equipment, but too dark to be properly photographed.

Perhaps the time has come to keep a distance to this building for now and find some different adventures.

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