The Other Nature of Deserted Finland

”I want this to be my last sight before I die.” That has been said about the scenery from the top of the fjeld Pyhä-Nattanen in Sodankylä, Lapland. And when somebody speaks that highly of a place, it has to be seen. The only problem with the place was, that there are two sides toJatka lukemista ”The Other Nature of Deserted Finland”

Not All Lost Souls Will Be Missed

My friends and colleagues, municipal politicians and construction professionals had long complained to me about my will to preserve every single building slated for demolition. If you have read this blog this far, you might probably have an idea whether they are right or not. If you haven’t maybe you should go to the beginningJatka lukemista ”Not All Lost Souls Will Be Missed”

Good Bye, Good Morning Hotel

In the early 1970’s Vaasa was the indisputable center of Ostrobothnia. It was the bilingual and cultural hub of the area with a rich business life, and of course hotels. At least three of them with a rich history were located right in the heart of the city. Perhaps it was the proximity of theJatka lukemista ”Good Bye, Good Morning Hotel”

Hello, Darkness, My Old Friend

I frequently visited my old hometown down south, and also frequently drove through the small village, where I had lived as a child and started my urban exploration. There wasn’t really much there to see, and little changed, as years rolled by. The reason for my visits was always the same. I wanted to see,Jatka lukemista ”Hello, Darkness, My Old Friend”

The School for the Special Salmon Part V

The last part of my exploration begins on the second floor of the final, unexplored wing. This was something I hadn’t found in any other part of the building: a room with inner glass walls. Let’s have a closer look behind the sofa. The sign says: ”Emergency exit. The route must remain unblocked”. Someone didn’tJatka lukemista ”The School for the Special Salmon Part V”