A Cabin in the Woods

Long bike trips were a thing for me that summer. And while biking in the suburbs, I was always on the lookout for new abandoned houses. Somewhere on the outskirts of the suburb Kaakkuri I spotted this tiny cottage, which most definitely seemed abandoned. The day was beautiful, and there were a lot of people outside, so I couldn’t sneak in.

I biked on and did my usual tour. There was a tiny yellow house in Heikkilänkangas, which had been abandoned for a longer time. In recent months it had started to become more and more vandalized, and furniture was oll over the yard.

I tried to enter it several times. There was only one neighbouring house, and its inhabitants seemed to be on their yard every single time I attempted an entry. I never managed to get inside before the place burned down the following year.

But at the end of my tour I returned to Kaakkuri.

Yes, the first cottage definitely was abandoned, but it also seemed quite unsafe. The roof of the veranda was a bit too airy for me, so I decided to take a tour around the place.

The place was mainly used as a storage. Inside were bikes, car tires and furniture all piled on top of each other.

The walls were in a desperate need for paint.

I was right about having second thoughts of entering. The roof had given in and a risk of collapse was real.

The contents of the house didn’t look worth the risk, so I just photographed through the windows this time.

That’s all, folks.

As some of you might have noticed, I sometimes reveal the location of the buildings, sometimes I don’t. If the buildings are still abandoned, I never tell where they are. If they have been demolished or renovated, it doesn’t matter anymore.

So as the location of this place was told in the beginning, the place is no more. I don’t know when it vanished, but in the latest satellite images it is gone. Rest in pieces, wherever you are now, tiny cottage.

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