Don’t Forget To Lock Up Part II

In the previous post I called the main building a complex, and that’s what it really was. It was a low, very long and narrow building in many different parts and colors. Here you can see the shape a bit better. I started walking along the walls looking for open doors, but it seemed thatContinue reading “Don’t Forget To Lock Up Part II”

Don’t Forget To Lock Up Part I

As an active reader of news about soon to be demolished buildings, I had managed to locate a former nursing home on the outskirts of the town Hämeenlinna. It had been emptied and was destined for demolition. But I reckoned, it would still be there. It was an early Sunday afternoon. I was tired ofContinue reading “Don’t Forget To Lock Up Part I”

The Killer Locomotive Memorial

When things start going badly wrong, they go even worse wrong. And this was why I decided to find my way to yet another place in the middle of nowhere in the former municipality of Kalvola in the Tavastia Proper region. Back in one spring morning in 1957, the night train from Lapland to HelsinkiContinue reading “The Killer Locomotive Memorial”

The Steepest Hill

Regional route 610 running between Korpilahti and Joutsa in Central Finland is almost a normal Finnish regional road. It is one of the more spectacular roads because of its steep hills and many lakes. It’s also very, very familiar for me from my childhood summer holiday trips across Finland. Two details separate it from anContinue reading “The Steepest Hill”

Got Past The Final Boss Part VI

Like I promised, the final post from this location is all about the other buildings and their history. The large block of flats to the right is a former dormitory. It was built in the 1970’s, when the area was starting to be used for shorter teacher training periods. Next we’ll turn our attention toContinue reading “Got Past The Final Boss Part VI”

Got Past The Final Boss Part IV

So this is what’s on top of the auditorium: the new gym built in the 1950’s. A more general look on the room. Apparently there was equipment for gymnastics, while the bar and the mirror hint, that even ballet was being danced here at some point. Well, at least the windows are intact here andContinue reading “Got Past The Final Boss Part IV”

Got Past The Final Boss Part III

This is the sight that greeted me, when I entered the new main building. Like most buildings of this era, its wings were build in different levels. So this is the main corridor running through the building on the first floor. Most of the furniture in the building had been stored here. There was alsoContinue reading “Got Past The Final Boss Part III”

Got Past The Final Boss Part II

The first view to the courtyard from the second floor windows. The brick building visible behind the trees is a former dormitory built in the 1970’s, when the seminar was closed and converted to providing other forms of education. Most of the second floor was what was the real gem of the building: the mainContinue reading “Got Past The Final Boss Part II”

Got Past The Final Boss Part I

I had once again slept in my summer car, and woken up very early to the sound of birds and the rising sun starting to heat up my car. It was around 6.45 am, when I reached a small town, which I rarely visit. I drove around the streets of the small centre and suddenlyContinue reading “Got Past The Final Boss Part I”

Match Factory Ruins

In the early 1870’s a match factory was founded next to a small river near a large mansion. It burned down in 1918 and the construction of a new factory was started a few years later. In 1925 an accident on the construction site killed the owner of the business and he was the onlyContinue reading “Match Factory Ruins”