Evolving Tampere

This is the city of Tampere, nicknamed Mansesteri after Manchester because it used to be the industrial capital of Finland. The capital of the second largest region after Helsinki, it’s a thriving city, which had just received its new landmark: a huge tower hotel built next to the old railroad roundhouses by the station. BackJatka lukemista ”Evolving Tampere”

Anticipating Changes

Just another hardworking excavator performing its daily duty? Yes and no. This petrol station had opened in 1959, and for 57 years it had served cars and drivers. The building was original despite small facelifts being done, and it was probably one of the oldest petrol stations still in operation in Oulu and the wholeJatka lukemista ”Anticipating Changes”

A Cabin in the Woods

Long bike trips were a thing for me that summer. And while biking in the suburbs, I was always on the lookout for new abandoned houses. Somewhere on the outskirts of the suburb Kaakkuri I spotted this tiny cottage, which most definitely seemed abandoned. The day was beautiful, and there were a lot of peopleJatka lukemista ”A Cabin in the Woods”

Fresh Brew Part II

We explored all floors of the building, but the higher up we got, the more difficult it was becoming to breathe. The windows upstairs were intact, and the air changed less. The large glass windows let in a lot of heat and the air was extremely humid. It was almost as if we were inJatka lukemista ”Fresh Brew Part II”

Fresh Brew Part I

I was taking a Sunday walk with a friend, when she noticed a large building on the roadside. ”What’s that”, she asked. ”That” was a former brewery. Founded in the mid 19th century it changed ownership several times. The oldest buildings were original, the newest one was the grey concrete building from 1968, which wasJatka lukemista ”Fresh Brew Part I”


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