Ruins From My Past

I went on from the tavern, found the next ruin and stopped to take a photo of it. I sat for quite some time in my car watching Google maps trying to figure out what had been on that spot. It was a simple log cabin, not much more special than the ones I stayedContinue reading “Ruins From My Past”

The Tavern

When I was working in the Southeast, I developed a good working relationship with an eccentric photographer in our paper. During our visit to a small municipality called Luumäki, we started discussing a small tavern in a small village called Jurvala close to the centre. Back in 2011 the place was an absolute blast fromContinue reading “The Tavern”

First Came Development, Then There Was Fire

For several years now I had read stories and seen photos about an area called Tehtaanmäki (Factory Hill) near Savio, Kerava. There had been a massive rubber factory, and somewhere behind it was the factory’s former residential area. What I understood from articles like this one, there had been several beautiful brick houses and severalContinue reading “First Came Development, Then There Was Fire”

A Bloody End of the Line

Once I was in the car with my friends, I explained to them where we were heading and why. A couple of weeks ago I had had a dream that I visited this place with one of my two friends who was with me that day, and an old childhood friend. We went there inContinue reading “A Bloody End of the Line”

Ruins of a Life

After exploring the horse farm, we moved on towards our next location just a few hundred metres down the same road. After looking through the photos of another urban explorer and comparing them to the satellite photos from the area, I determined I was looking for a very old house, which had probably partly collapsedContinue reading “Ruins of a Life”

The Excavator Made it First Again

In my home town was a café I had frequented for around two years. I loved them because of their service, which was so friendly you actually could imagine the staff being your friends when buying a coffee. I bought a latte there every day on my way to work, exchanged latest things in myContinue reading “The Excavator Made it First Again”

The Game’s Over, Boys

I hadn’t even finished my tour around the Vilnius Palace of Concerts and Sports, when I already had spotted something in the woods. A majestic gate surrounded by an old fence. The place seemed a little strange. It looked like another monument, but it also looked like being demolished at the same time. And monumentalContinue reading “The Game’s Over, Boys”

From Coaches to Couches and Fading Away

I had been looking at this place for a long time seeking a way in. It was a massive, U-shaped complex on the outskirts of the town, and its latest inhabitant had been a furniture store. The chain was declared bankrupt in 2011, and since then the place had been empty. It stood there peacefullyContinue reading “From Coaches to Couches and Fading Away”

Just a Hole in the Ground

Winter approached Finland. Leaves fell off trees, daylight vanished. The world was dark, grey, cold and dull. To keep depression away I booked a ticket on a large student cruise. The cruise was from Turku to Stockholm, but it was just half of the fun. The organizing university was in Jyväskylä, so I travelled there,Continue reading “Just a Hole in the Ground”