Saying Goodbye at the end of the Summer

The last few posts have been more about demolition than exploring abandoned buildings. I believe these two things go hand in hand, after all they are successive phases in the life cycle of a building. First it’s planned, then constructed, abandoned and eventually demolished. Sometimes demolition comes quickly, sometimes the place sits abandoned for decades.

The summer was now over, and for my urban exploration ventures it had been the biggest success so far. I had explored more buildings than ever before, some even several times. I had managed to enter places I couldn’t have imagined, like the old brewery. I had also biked a lot around town and made quite a long shortlist of future potential targets.

I had also been forced to let go of some places. Kaleva Print had vanished when I was off guard. I had missed out on the large old car dealership, where excavators were still digging the ruins. And when the summer ended, there was another miss. The dance pavilion in Kuusisaari.

The pavilion was built in 1956 and it hosted dancing, concerts and other events for 60 years. I had visited it several times during Qstock, the large rock festival in town, and also during the semester kick off celebrations during my studies. I knew the place was abandoned, I knew the demolition date. And somehow I missed it anyway.

Like a bear I would now start a hibernation period. But new adventures would ensue, when another long, cold winter would be over.


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