The Best Place In Town

The sign says private, trespassing forbidden. Isn’t that a promising sign, that this bushy yard is hiding something? This unimaginative looking building is the former Hotel Varsavuori. It was built outside the city centre of Mikkeli on the shores of Lake Saimaa in 1974 and its nightclub became the wildest party spot in town, whereContinue reading “The Best Place In Town”

Still Around

Of course the tour also included a look at the famous restaurant, which had been closed for eight years now. Its history has been covered better in earlier posts. The building, which I had last seen in 2018, still looked like it used to back then. New plans were already unfolding. Just three days earlierContinue reading “Still Around”

Just Came to See if You Were Still Around

Although I quit photographing and exploring abandoned places after my disappointment with the quality of my photos, I never lost interest towards the world of the abandoned. When I decided to spend the new year in the same city where I made a road trip the previous summer, it was clear where I would go.Continue reading “Just Came to See if You Were Still Around”

Not All Lost Souls Will Be Missed

My friends and colleagues, municipal politicians and construction professionals had long complained to me about my will to preserve every single building slated for demolition. If you have read this blog this far, you might probably have an idea whether they are right or not. If you haven’t maybe you should go to the beginningContinue reading “Not All Lost Souls Will Be Missed”

Good Bye, Good Morning Hotel

In the early 1970’s Vaasa was the indisputable center of Ostrobothnia. It was the bilingual and cultural hub of the area with a rich business life, and of course hotels. At least three of them with a rich history were located right in the heart of the city. Perhaps it was the proximity of theContinue reading “Good Bye, Good Morning Hotel”

The Prelude to a Discovery

Welcome to Southeastern Finland and Lake Saimaa. I spent a lot of time here during one especially dry and hot summer. As my blog is about photos and stories from abandoned places as well as my story of discovering those abandoned places, I decided to take this opportunity to promote this part of Finland aContinue reading “The Prelude to a Discovery”