Second Chance

Three days had passed since I noticed, that the demolition of the old mail truck depot had begun. It was Friday evening, and I had decided to go on a small biking trip after work. I got overly excited and soon found myself from Tyrnävä, a village 35 kilometres from Oulu.

As my bike was of a pretty standard model with no gears, this was quite a feat. But I wasn’t done yet. I wanted to bike even further. Then my friends gave me a call and told me they were about to go drinking and asked me to join.

I told them where I was and that it would take me hours to get back. We agreed to meet in a bar later that evening. To catch up with their drinking, I went to the local store and bought a decent amount of beer.

Several hours later I had biked over 80 kilometers and had more or less accidentally gotten pretty drunk. I passed the mail truck depot sighing at its fate once again, but something made me take a second look.

The demolition crews had left for the weekend. As this part of the building wasn’t yet under demolition, there was no fence around it. And by coincidence someone had forgotten to lock the door.

If this wasn’t an invitation, what was it?

This was like my first time in an abandoned building, staggering inside drunk after demolition had already begun. The insides weren’t that interesting, just wide open halls and office blocks. It was also a place, where photography was extremely difficult, as there wasn’t that much light, and I was only armed with my phone.

The logos of all the small companies the building hosted during its last years of existence were still on the windows.

It did say close the doors. Someone ignored the advice and that was my luck. Even the neighbouring building was demolished to give way to the new office block.

The strange roofline I described in my previous post was used to give light to the halls.

I did try to explore the office blocks, but it was too dark, and I didn’t want to use a flash to avoid attracting attention.

It was a quick exploration. But it was easier to let go of this place after I had gotten the chance to see its secrets.

I took my bike and went to the bar to celebrate my latest conquest.

All the photos from the building are now featured in the gallery.

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