The Sleigh Ride Cottage

It was getting late and I was driving eastwards. I suddenly noticed a small house, which looked very abandoned. It was too late and too dark. I passed the house, parked and slept for a few hours. At dawn, I drove some kilometres back. And there it was, a small, abandoned cottage. I needed someContinue reading “The Sleigh Ride Cottage”

None of Your Business

When the restrictions eased for the first time after the beginning of the covid pandemic, I travelled to my old home town for the first time in a while. I took part in a dance performance, met old friends, drank wine and in general enjoyed the small fragments of freedom, which had returned. One ofContinue reading “None of Your Business”

The Railroader’s Cottage Part II

I roamed around the downstairs looking for a stairway up, but was only walking in circles. This was the same room with the bicycle seen before from the opposite side. I finally found a way up. It was just a bit difficult to access the stairs because of the rubble. But before finally going upContinue reading “The Railroader’s Cottage Part II”

Not as Closed as it Seemed at First

After three buildings we started looking for the fourth. I had a guess where it was, but things were getting harder. First of all we turned on the road, which wasn’t as remote as the previous one had been. There were inhabited houses and people walking their dogs. We would have to be much moreContinue reading “Not as Closed as it Seemed at First”

Hold Your Horses Part IV

So this was the entrance to the building. The door was locked and the handles had vanished, so we couldn’t exit this way. The door led to a small hall, where you could either choose to go straight to the kitchen through what had probably been the original entrance to the house, or remain inContinue reading “Hold Your Horses Part IV”

Hold Your Horses Part III

May I present, the main building. I believe it has been built no later than in the 1940’s and expanded in the 60’s or 70’s. Back then it was common to build wings like the one on the right to old houses. They would include a toilet, shower, sauna and perhaps a room for aContinue reading “Hold Your Horses Part III”

Hold Your Horses Part II

So here’s a better look at what we were actually exploring this time. Please ignore the strange effects on the sky that my photo editing software has decided to make. In the first part we explored a stable which is located behind the building we are in now. This building is the cottage I describedContinue reading “Hold Your Horses Part II”

Hold Your Horses Part I

We didn’t have to walk for long on the narrow countryside dirt roads before finding the second location we had been looking for. This one was rather large. There was a main building and three auxiliary buildings on the same lot, and all of them had open doors. We began with one of the auxiliaryContinue reading “Hold Your Horses Part I”

Sealed Off

This exploration follows a pattern that was pretty clear that summer. A friend had seen my stories from abandoned houses and wanted to join me. I had once again found some new locations through other urbex sites, and was eager to see them myself. This time we headed to a regional airport, as the rumourContinue reading “Sealed Off”

Ralph’s House Part IV

As I said in my previous post, something didn’t quite add up with the house. There clearly was an upstairs with windows and all, but there was no way in. There were no stairs inside the building, there was no hatch outside the building. As we didn’t find a way in from the outside, weContinue reading “Ralph’s House Part IV”