Let’s Go Back to the Beginning

After sitting at home for a month because of the pandemic, I was now free to go wherever I wanted because of my new summer car. I still hadn’t found a masterplan for the summer, but I did decide to start by going out on a May Day tour. My friend had promised that IContinue reading “Let’s Go Back to the Beginning”

The Miller’s Tale Part III

When I reached the second floor, I had my doubts about going up. The stairs and roof still looked solid, but I’m a little afraid of heights. But it turned out that the second floor wasn’t very large or exciting. A photo taken to look what lies ahead. The narrow stairs led to another partContinue reading “The Miller’s Tale Part III”

The Miller’s Tale Part II

Although the mill was old and had been abandoned for almost 30 years, its structures seemed solid enough for me to proceed further up the building. The wood seemed dry and no rotten parts were immediately visible. On the ground floor there were dark corners and boarded up windows. A lot of the original machineryContinue reading “The Miller’s Tale Part II”

The Miller’s Tale Part I

When the snow was finally gone, it was time to start exploring. Through Instagram I found an abandoned mill not to far from my home. My friend borrowed her father’s car and we went looking for the place. The recognizeable form of the old mill wasn’t too hard to find. The mill had originally beenContinue reading “The Miller’s Tale Part I”

Was Told to Expect Nature, Found This Part III

After passing the barracks it was all nature again. But after a while a fairly large seaport with imported cars appeared on the left side. What kind of a nature trail is this, I thought to myself. There’s more of everything else than nature here. Ah, now we are at it. Let’s take a momentContinue reading “Was Told to Expect Nature, Found This Part III”

Was Told to Expect Nature, Found This Part II

So this was my destination, the Tulliniemi Nature Trail. It’s located on a small cape and leads to the southernmost tip of mainland Finland. This was what I expected. A good trail, some forest and the sea just invisible behind the last trees straight ahead. What I didn’t expect were warnings about grenades and instructionsContinue reading “Was Told to Expect Nature, Found This Part II”

Was Told to Expect Nature, Found This Part I

Like I said at the end of my last post, 2020 would be a life changing year for everybody. For some it was for the good, but unfortunately not for everyone. Whatever the outcome, I doubt that life would never ever be the same for anyone. In early March I had my annual winter vacation.Continue reading “Was Told to Expect Nature, Found This Part I”

Winter Games & Ruins

The last days of the year and the decade were approaching. After Christmas I decided to take a trip to my childhood home town to see my god son. It was very wintry there, and he was really happy about it. I really am not a keen fan of snow and frost, but of courseContinue reading “Winter Games & Ruins”

My Most Failed Urbexperience

Living in the capital region meant, that I was now able to do a daytrip to almost any of the urbex locations I had read about on other explorers’ sites. And there was one location, which had been intriguing me for quite some time. Laitmanintie was a small road in Western Espoo, where several oneContinue reading “My Most Failed Urbexperience”

Going, Going, Gone

Despite having moved to the capital region, I still visited my old home town often, several times a month. During the visits I was often busy meeting friends and working. I really didn’t have much time to wander around. As I had spent a good ten years in the city, I knew a lot ofContinue reading “Going, Going, Gone”