I’ve Been Keeping an Eye on You

A rainy May day is a perfect day to visit a flea market, isn’t it?

The flea market was located in a red brick building outside the city center. It was a strange, fan-shaped building, which had originally served as a mail truck depot for decades.

Although simple and rugged, I rather liked its looks. But recently I had become more worried. A large ad board had appeared on the neighbouring property, advertising a new office building. It was next door, where an ugly car workshop stood, but the illustration on the board looked so large, that the new complex would almost certainly swallow the old depot.

As there still was business going on in the building, I wasn’t too worried about its immediate future. I decided to take a walk around it to have some photographs as memories.

Unfortunately the other side of the building didn’t look that promising at all.

Not only had demolition started, it was well underway. The building consisted of three sections, the centermost of which was halfway gone by now.

I counted at least three excavators working on the site, so the building was vanishing fast.

Although the place looked interesting from the outside, the insides didn’t look that intriguing. It was mainly empty halls.

I went back to the flea market and asked, what would happen with their premises. They told me, that they would be evicted by the end of the month. That’s how I determined, that not a single wing of the old depot would be spared.

I decided to take a walk around the place anyway to photograph what was left to photograph.

The office wing of the depot.

The high tower had been the chimney. Its final use was supporting the ad of some company housed in the building.

One thing, which made the building look rugged, yet beautiful, was perhaps the unorthodox shape of the roof.

In the end I was unable to properly photograph the building. It was large, and the trees and the traffic passing on the large road next to it were a huge obstruction.

I said a silent goodbye to yet another interesting place I never got the chance to explore, and left.

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