My Summer Car Is Really Made of All These Things

As soon as I had reached the train after my hike in the Tulliniemi Nature Trail, I started looking for my future summer car. My first plan was to buy a small car with around five hundred euros. I would drive it for one summer and then sell it, if it lasted for that long.Continue reading “My Summer Car Is Really Made of All These Things”

Was Told to Expect Nature, Found This Part I

Like I said at the end of my last post, 2020 would be a life changing year for everybody. For some it was for the good, but unfortunately not for everyone. Whatever the outcome, I doubt that life would never ever be the same for anyone. In early March I had my annual winter vacation.Continue reading “Was Told to Expect Nature, Found This Part I”

A Bloody End of the Line

Once I was in the car with my friends, I explained to them where we were heading and why. A couple of weeks ago I had had a dream that I visited this place with one of my two friends who was with me that day, and an old childhood friend. We went there inContinue reading “A Bloody End of the Line”

The Sawyer’s Villa Part III

One of the nice, round windows we saw from the outside was in the staircase of the building. When I photograph, I try to catch spaces and shapes. Some of my friends are more interested in details. Well, let’s mimic them this time. This magazine from 1972 is about health and beauty. This issue featuresContinue reading “The Sawyer’s Villa Part III”

The Sawyer’s Villa Part II

Like I promised, we’ll start with the ground floor of this large, red, early 20th century villa we found with my friends. There had been several layers of wallpaper, the latest of which was bright yellow. Most likely it has been ripped off by less friendly fellow explorers, although there is the possibility that someoneContinue reading “The Sawyer’s Villa Part II”

The Sawyer’s Villa Part I

Time seemed to fly that summer. And big changes were happening in my life. Like I said in an earlier post, I decided to leave Northern Finland and relocate South. I had applied for jobs all summer, but nothing seemed to happen. Not until July, when my former colleague sent me a message telling meContinue reading “The Sawyer’s Villa Part I”

Not as Closed as it Seemed at First

After three buildings we started looking for the fourth. I had a guess where it was, but things were getting harder. First of all we turned on the road, which wasn’t as remote as the previous one had been. There were inhabited houses and people walking their dogs. We would have to be much moreContinue reading “Not as Closed as it Seemed at First”

Ruins of a Life

After exploring the horse farm, we moved on towards our next location just a few hundred metres down the same road. After looking through the photos of another urban explorer and comparing them to the satellite photos from the area, I determined I was looking for a very old house, which had probably partly collapsedContinue reading “Ruins of a Life”

Hold Your Horses Part IV

So this was the entrance to the building. The door was locked and the handles had vanished, so we couldn’t exit this way. The door led to a small hall, where you could either choose to go straight to the kitchen through what had probably been the original entrance to the house, or remain inContinue reading “Hold Your Horses Part IV”

Hold Your Horses Part III

May I present, the main building. I believe it has been built no later than in the 1940’s and expanded in the 60’s or 70’s. Back then it was common to build wings like the one on the right to old houses. They would include a toilet, shower, sauna and perhaps a room for aContinue reading “Hold Your Horses Part III”