Respect My Authority

When I returned from my holiday to Lisbon, I had made an important decision. This was to be my last summer in the north of Finland. I had never wanted to move there in the first place, and I had been trying to leave as soon as I got there. Ten years had passed, andJatka lukemista ”Respect My Authority”

A Sleeping Beauty

Another of my favourite things was taking long bike tours along the river splitting my home town. One of my routes took me through a quiet suburban area, which was rather upper class. I had been biking the same route for around six years and a small villa had caught my eye. It was darkishJatka lukemista ”A Sleeping Beauty”

Using Faulty Exhaust as a Guiding Light

In June came the time to take my beloved car to its yearly checkup. Despite its rather high 14 year age, it was in a rather good shape. Or so I thought. Everything was well, until it was time to check the emissions. At that point the inspector said I had no chance of gettingJatka lukemista ”Using Faulty Exhaust as a Guiding Light”

The Worker Gal

After our photo shoot in the old workers’ academy, we headed to the abandoned power plant in Martinniemi to continue with a different theme. After a nice midday dance session we went to have lunch and coffee to the marketplace in Oulu, and vowed to have another as soon as possible. Again a selection ofJatka lukemista ”The Worker Gal”

The Working Class Girl

Long time no see, the Dancing Ghost of the School. After a long time of being busy attending our own businesses, we managed to find a day we both had off work and other activites. We fondly remembered our previous photo shoot and decided to take a rematch. There were few suitable locations around, whereJatka lukemista ”The Working Class Girl”

The Cursed School Part II

After seeing the texts described at the end of the last post, this place started really giving us the chill. I mean they were texts, just texts written by teenagers feeling desperation in this city of hopelessness and social problems. But still they were something different. ”Are we alone in the Universe”, asks a SwedishJatka lukemista ”The Cursed School Part II”

The Cursed School Part I

The evening was perfect. The sun was setting behind the sea, the camera of my new phone displayed excellent qualities. Excellent for the time being, at least. We thought the time was proper now to go to our main target of the roadtrip. The place was in a working class neighbourhood. Or, well, everything inJatka lukemista ”The Cursed School Part I”

Windy City Tour

No roadtrip, no summer. At least that’s how I think, and luckily I have like minded friends. We packed our bags and headed towards their hometown, toured a few churches and other must to see -places. Of course I had told them what I was interested about and of course they agreed to join me.Jatka lukemista ”Windy City Tour”

Little Stubs of Details from the Workers’ Institute

Okay, this story is getting familiar already. Another friend of mine saw my pictures and heard my stories about my urbex hobby and asked, if she could accompany me. I had a terrible crush on her, so of course I said yes. As there was nothing new abandoned in our town, we took to theJatka lukemista ”Little Stubs of Details from the Workers’ Institute”

The Game’s Over, Boys

I hadn’t even finished my tour around the Vilnius Palace of Concerts and Sports, when I already had spotted something in the woods. A majestic gate surrounded by an old fence. The place seemed a little strange. It looked like another monument, but it also looked like being demolished at the same time. And monumentalJatka lukemista ”The Game’s Over, Boys”