Welcome to Deserted Finland

I am a thirty-something person, who has too much time for travel and adventures, and a neverending passion for stories. For years I’ve been trying to find ways of expressing myself. I’ve tried several different kinds of blogs: diaries, memoirs and even a travel blog, but have always lost either patience or interest to keep on publishing.

I am also a passionate fan of architecture and old buildings. Almost fifteen years ago I found an abandoned building, which I became sort of obsessed with. It took me years to find courage to enter it, but when I did, I realized deserted places are a world of their own – each and every one so very different, and changing by every visit, if you get the chance to enter them more than once.

When the corona virus pandemic stopped the world, I finally had time to go through my photo archives. I found out I had visited more than a hundred abandoned places and had taken tens of thousands of photos, most of which had never been published.

One dark October night my desire for telling stories and photographing derelict places found each other. My personal urban exploration project, Deserted Finland, was born. It’s my public photo gallery, which also tells the story of me becoming an urban explorer. Since then I have photographed even more and have spent the last four summers touring Finland extensively photographing abandoned places in the progress.

In November 2022 the Central Association of Finnish Photographic Organizations, Finnfoto, granted me a scolarship for my photographing tour of 2023.

To learn how all this began, I suggest checking out my first post.

Use and publication of photos on this website is forbidden without my consent. Should you wish to purchase a photo for any purposes, please contact me at desertedfinland@gmail.com.

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