Under Surveillance

Another day, another friend, another adventure. I had managed to locate a couple of places from Kniexp’s old website, and was on my way to explore them further. They were located in pretty remote places outside town. On the way we found this. Of course I knew about this place earlier. It was a oneJatka lukemista ”Under Surveillance”

A Friendly Home

My friends soon noticed, that the summer had made me a more active urbexer. They started sending me tips about locations and pleas about joining me. Already before midsummer it seemed, that this would be the most active exploration summer so far. One of the messages stood out from the mass. A friend thanked meJatka lukemista ”A Friendly Home”

The Cottage by the Closed Road

A beautiful summer day was turning towards the evening, the sun was setting, and the shadows were getting longer. I had found out that a small abandoned house lay in a very remote location, and decided to go have a look, if it was still around. Not only was the location very remote, it wasJatka lukemista ”The Cottage by the Closed Road”