Factory Workers’ Court

You know this story, right. You’re cruising on a road in a place you’ve rarely visited, when you spot something interesting in the woods. Maybe it’s broken or boarded up windows, maybe an overgrown yard. You just catch a glimpse of it before it is behind trees again, so you take the next crossing, turnContinue reading “Factory Workers’ Court”

I Don’t Think I’m Welcome

Earlier that summer I was introduced to a fellow urbexer. My friend told me, that this person knew loads of potential locations, but was very careful about them. We started following each other on Instagram, and this proved to be very handy. Every time I was near an interesting location, this person would send meContinue reading “I Don’t Think I’m Welcome”

The Sleigh Ride Cottage

It was getting late and I was driving eastwards. I suddenly noticed a small house, which looked very abandoned. It was too late and too dark. I passed the house, parked and slept for a few hours. At dawn, I drove some kilometres back. And there it was, a small, abandoned cottage. I needed someContinue reading “The Sleigh Ride Cottage”

None of Your Business

When the restrictions eased for the first time after the beginning of the covid pandemic, I travelled to my old home town for the first time in a while. I took part in a dance performance, met old friends, drank wine and in general enjoyed the small fragments of freedom, which had returned. One ofContinue reading “None of Your Business”

The Railroader’s Cottage Part I

The village we were on an adventure in had a railroad in it. No major trains had ever stopped there, as it was just the end of a line of a side track connecting a large local factory to the main network. The rails were still there although they hadn’t seen much use after theContinue reading “The Railroader’s Cottage Part I”

The Travel Lover’s Cottage

Somewhere in the east lies a small town, which was born and grew because of the forest industry. After decades of layoffs, closing production lines and factories, it has started to shink in size. This of course means lots of abandoned buildings, if only you know where to find them. This cute little cottage didn’tContinue reading “The Travel Lover’s Cottage”

The Staff Shortage Seems Real

In the backyard of a quiet regional hospital sits an even quieter area of old residential buildings from different ages. Its story goes something like the following. To attract staff from other cities and towns, apartments were built close to nearly every single public institution. Schools, hospitals, sometimes even churches, received their own residential buildingsContinue reading “The Staff Shortage Seems Real”

Home Is A Bit Tired, Dear

Abandoned homes next to smaller roads outside cities are a very common sight in Finland. Perhaps they were inherited by people, who never married, perhaps they were built by a couple, who never had children. Or maybe they did, but the children didn’t want to live there. Or broke contact with their parents. Or startedContinue reading “Home Is A Bit Tired, Dear”

Exploring New Territories

What is better than autumn leaves? Autumn leaves in mid-October. And what’s more leaves of a maple. I was used to walking through huge piles of them in my childhood home town, but up north where I spent the past 10 years, were very few maples. This is my colleague taking a shortcut in aContinue reading “Exploring New Territories”

The Sawyer’s Villa Part III

One of the nice, round windows we saw from the outside was in the staircase of the building. When I photograph, I try to catch spaces and shapes. Some of my friends are more interested in details. Well, let’s mimic them this time. This magazine from 1972 is about health and beauty. This issue featuresContinue reading “The Sawyer’s Villa Part III”