The Embassy’s Useless Beauty

The idea of roaming through the entire country would be a massive task. One of my aims was to take at least one photograph in each municipality. In some places I knew instantly, where I would head, others were more difficult.

One of my first destinations was Kulosaari, an island to the East from Helsinki. Once a villa community for the rich and a municipality of its own, it now is a peaceful suburb with blocks of flats and luxurious villas from different eras.

One of the villas was of particular interest to me. Years earlier I had read about an old functionalistic building owned by the Iraqi embassy in Finland, which had stood abandoned for years and was under demolition threat. The article in question was eight years old, so i was doubtful about actually finding anything.

Well I did find something.

The old stone fence is still there, and the place is clearly the same as in old Google Maps photos. Sadly, the villa is gone. And there’s another location, which I can strike out from my interesting list of locations.

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