Not Much Authority Left

The small white cottage was a no go, but we didn’t want to go home empty handed. On our way back towards the town centre, i remembered the old police association villa. Visiting it wouldn’t be a detour too exhausting. So there was a change of plans.

A familiar sight from the previous summer, the villa now seemed to be even less stable if that by any means was possible.

The door opened easily, but we were greeted by this sight. The damage in the roof was now much more extensive than just a year before, and rotten wood was visible over the entire length of the hall.

Someone had dragged papers out of the building. These are negotiating memos between trade unions about rules in their common striking practices.

And these are information bulletins by the unions to their members.

We deemed the building unsafe and ignored these words. Instead we started going around the place trying to see something through window holes. It was a difficult task, as the yard was very overgrown.

The pink room was right next to the entrance on the right side. This photo has been shot through the window.

A look towards the hall shows insulation material bags hanging from the roof.

This installation was featured from the other direction a year earlier. Not much has changed.

The worst damage to the roof was still in the kitchen.

Another shot through the window towards the kitchen.

The main assembly hall. The roof is leaking even more than it did a year ago and judging by the growing list the building was in, it didn’t have many years left.

One final look at the end of the building and the upstairs, which we never reached. The building was demolished the following winter. And so this became another end of story.

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