Kruunuvuori Villas Part II

My last post was all about how I ended up exploring the Kruunuvuori Villas. This post contains more pictures and a brief history. In the late 19th century some wealthy inhabitants of Helsinki started looking for a place to build their summerhouses. They found Kruunuvuori and built the first villas. Others soon followed. In 1905Jatka lukemista ”Kruunuvuori Villas Part II”

Kruunuvuori Villas Part I

September 2015. I travelled to Helsinki to watch Finland play Faroe Islands in the EURO 2016 qualification. I stayed at a friend’s couch and brought her a bottle of wine, she had thought wine would be nice, too, so there was plenty of it. Back then I was pretty desperately in love with another friendJatka lukemista ”Kruunuvuori Villas Part I”