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What is better than autumn leaves?

Autumn leaves in mid-October. And what’s more leaves of a maple. I was used to walking through huge piles of them in my childhood home town, but up north where I spent the past 10 years, were very few maples.

This is my colleague taking a shortcut in a forest we decided to walk through.

Since I decided to move to the capital region in June, I had shortlisted possible urban exploration locations, and my new colleague asked to join me. Here we are on my very first exploration down south.

Our destination was this luxurious villa of which I had read in the newspapers. Built in the 1960’s or the 1970’s, it reminded me of the modernist villa in Toppila. It was located in an area, where new houses were very sought after. It was abandoned and vandalized, but the owner refused to sell it.

We approached from the back, as it was located next to a street with many homes, where lights were coming on, as it was getting dark. The place was in a very bad condition and the smell of mould was clear this far out.

A view inside the kitchen. A striking fact was, that this villa was probably in its original condition from the late 60’s / early 70’s.

Most of the windows were broken. Here a tree branch has been thrown inside.

Not only was the place in original condition, the furniture was still inside.

But this was as far as we got. It was getting dark earlier than we had planned, and we were too poorly equipped to enter such a dark, moldy house.

It wasn’t just the house, which was abandoned. Two vintage Range Rover cars were stading on the driveway equally deserted. Such a shame.

So this was all we managed to find this time, but you know me. I will return.

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