The Excavator Made it First Again

In my home town was a café I had frequented for around two years. I loved them because of their service, which was so friendly you actually could imagine the staff being your friends when buying a coffee. I bought a latte there every day on my way to work, exchanged latest things in myContinue reading “The Excavator Made it First Again”

The House of Dirty Stories Part V

As the magazine which looked like an innocent commercial of the singer Danny turned out a lot more interesting than it first seemed, we started exploring the magazines in the house with a lot more detail. We then found another commercial, which was solely focused on getting beautiful breasts and preserving them. And here areContinue reading “The House of Dirty Stories Part V”

The House of Dirty Stories Part IV

Okay, okay, I’ve been building up the hype about some dirty stories for three posts now. So the time has come to tell them. Upstairs we found a program magazine from the 1970’s. It was from the show of a popular singer, Danny, who is still active even now. The magazine contained of course informationContinue reading “The House of Dirty Stories Part IV”

The House of Dirty Stories Part III

The stairs were painted shiny dark blue, but were rather dusty. The roof of the rooms on the ground floor seemed quite solid, so we deemed it safe to go upstairs. The cupboards upstairs had been emtpied just like downstairs. Downstairs it was personal papers, here it was clothes. Let me take the previous statementContinue reading “The House of Dirty Stories Part III”

The House of Dirty Stories Part II

The kitchen was fairly old. What I could guess from under all the destruction, the place was from the late 1970’s. Another strange find were the old, yellow cupboard doors. They look exactly the same as the cupboard doors in my previous apartment. Of course this wasn’t the only thing from my past, present orContinue reading “The House of Dirty Stories Part II”

The House of Dirty Stories Part I

Although already finding two locations that day, we weren’t yet satisfied with our catch. Luckily I still had a nearby house on my list. This one family house looked perfectly normal, and there were dozens, if not hundreds of similar ones in town. Most of them dont have Satanic symbols written on doors or brokenContinue reading “The House of Dirty Stories Part I”

Collapse Is Imminent Part II

I did promise a look inside, so here we go. It seems like there were a lot of personal belongings in the house, but it was just too unsafe to enter the rooms. The only way to explore was to look and photograph through the windows and collapsed wall sections. Just look at the greenishContinue reading “Collapse Is Imminent Part II”

Collapse is Imminent Part I

After visiting Ralph’s house, we knew that there was another abandoned building nearby. I had found it on a fellow urbexer’s website, but didn’t really know where to look for it. In this part of town there were only a few roads with houses, so we knew we had to be close. I knew whatContinue reading “Collapse is Imminent Part I”

Ralph’s House Part IV

As I said in my previous post, something didn’t quite add up with the house. There clearly was an upstairs with windows and all, but there was no way in. There were no stairs inside the building, there was no hatch outside the building. As we didn’t find a way in from the outside, weContinue reading “Ralph’s House Part IV”

Ralph’s House Part III

Among the items was also a packet of cigarette papers. It seems that Ralph was a smoker or knew someone who was. More map pages. This one is from the border of Finland and Sweden in Lapland. The shelf also featured Christmas greetings and letters from relatives and friends. The dice were in the package,Continue reading “Ralph’s House Part III”