The Sleigh Ride Cottage

It was getting late and I was driving eastwards. I suddenly noticed a small house, which looked very abandoned. It was too late and too dark. I passed the house, parked and slept for a few hours. At dawn, I drove some kilometres back.

And there it was, a small, abandoned cottage. I needed some time to figure out what I’d name it. At first I thought of ‘The Spruce Cottage’.

Because there indeed was a cottage. It was lacking paint, it was lacking windows. And it was one hell of a thing to enter next to a busy highway without being seen.

Well, there we have the cottage.

And there we have the sauna. And the outhouse. And the log storage. Like we always have next to houses like this.

There were clear marks of abandonment, like smashed windows outside.

And in case you wonder what this cottage is named after, here’s the thing. It was stationed right in the hall.

This was what it looked like in the kitchen.

There was a very traditional stove, which unfortunately had been destroyed.

In the following room a narrow bed.

A look back at the living room. I’ve been told, that these are vintage furniture, which I should absolutely have taken with me from the cottage.

Well, I won’t. Take only photographs, leave only footprints.

A look in the other bedroom.

A look back towards the original bed.

A magazine from 1986. I believe, though, that there has been life after that in this building.

By the way, who is that guy?

There were stairs up. I was pretty sure, that I wouldn’t exactly create a massive gallery upstairs.

Well, there probably would have been things to explore upstairs, but I wasn’t too sure about the floor, so I left it.

And I actually left the whole building. Another successful exploration, though.

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