Hold Your Horses Part II

So here’s a better look at what we were actually exploring this time. Please ignore the strange effects on the sky that my photo editing software has decided to make.

In the first part we explored a stable which is located behind the building we are in now. This building is the cottage I described earlier.

On the left is another auxiliary building. In the first part I said that there were three of them, but there were actually four. The one straight ahead is a garage we didn’t explore.

The main building of the farm is the green one. That’s the cherry on the cake of this location, so we’ll leave it last.

Like the stable explored in part one, the third auxiliary building was divided in different rooms which were not connected with each other. The first one contained yet another desk and some clothes.

The birch whisks were there waiting for someone to warm up the sauna.

There were a lot of them. For the whole family – or for the whole summer.

A look back towards the two buildings described in part one. The cottage is the one closer to the camera, the stable is the one behind.

Here’s another look at the main building.

The third auxiliary building was mostly about storage space.

A couple of the spaces were filled with random stuff.

One compartment was empty. My guess is this had once been a firewood storage. Also it looks a little like the building has been enlarged at some point.

Another compartment. By now I am almost certain that the building has been enlarged at some point. The wall boards in all the previous compartments have been vertical, from now on they are horizontal. I believe we have now entered the original part of the building.

This room had a lot of colorful cupboards.

And the reason why I believe this one to be the original part of the building? Well the sauna was here. Back in the days when the houses had no bathrooms or running water, it was common to have an auxiliary building with a firewood storage room, a privy and a sauna.

The old sauna stove has suffered a lot.

So much for the auxiliary buildings then. In part III we’ll finally get to the main building of this little farm.

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