Not as Closed as it Seemed at First

After three buildings we started looking for the fourth. I had a guess where it was, but things were getting harder. First of all we turned on the road, which wasn’t as remote as the previous one had been. There were inhabited houses and people walking their dogs. We would have to be much more careful in order not to be spotted.

An even bigger problem was, that this road headed into the woods. Where there were shadows, was a huge amount of mosquitos. The air was thick of them, they were aggressive and their bites itched hard. As I hadn’t managed to locate the fift house, we agreed that the fourth one would be our last of the day.

It was a small, modest cottage on the back of an overgrown yard. Plywood covered windows indicated that there wasn’t a lazy gardener living there, and the door was open for us just to walk in.

The porch already indicated, that this was very much an abandoned building.

The structure looked sound from the outside, but it had fooled us. The cottage was on the verge of completely collapsing.

There were holes in the roof, there were holes in the floor. There were also loads of mosquitos. We agreed to be quick and then leave.

The roof wasn’t collapsing in just one part of the building. There were several holes on it.

The living room featured a wonderful vintage couch and chairs. It also revealed that not even the chimney was as sound as it looked like from the kitchen. Half of it could be found in pieces on the living room floor.

A closer look at the thing from the kitchen revealed, that not only were the roof and chimney down. There was even a wall missing. I wonder, what actually was still holding this thing together.

One of the very few personal items still left in the house was an instruction booklet on treating diabetes.

One final look at the sofa in the living room. The large glass panel was a strange find, as there were no windows that big in the house.

I could have gotten another one of my nice window shots, but I just didn’t want to move further inside the house. All in all we just stood on the doorstep to the two rooms, as we were not feeling very safe (nor comfortable because of the mosquitos).

This four location exploration trip has now come to its conclusion. But there will be more.

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