Hold Your Horses Part I

We didn’t have to walk for long on the narrow countryside dirt roads before finding the second location we had been looking for. This one was rather large. There was a main building and three auxiliary buildings on the same lot, and all of them had open doors.

We began with one of the auxiliary buildings. We hadn’t even managed to enter, when my friend said a lady walking a dog had seen us.

“What happened”, I asked.

“I just smiled prettily at her, so she smiled back.”

It seemed that it would be safe to enter.

The first door we entered through led to a storage room full of old boards sawn into short pieces. Probably they would be used as firewood.

But it soon turned out that the place was a horse stable. We couldn’t manage to figure out, whether the place was just the private stable of the kids in the family or a larger business.

Another mystery left unsolved. Is Belinda a horse, the name of the rider or just a random urban explorer, who wanted to leave her mark?

The newspapers are from 2008, so it was around then, when the property was abandoned. Once again the papers were too old for me to find myself there.

The building had several doors and the rooms weren’t connected inside. This one housed a collection of desks.

The initials on the wall were almost 30 years old. They are another mystery.

We then entered the second auxiliary building. This one was a small, old cottage, which looked like it could have been used for living.

The stairs were completely rotten. Luckily the step was very low.

The insides were pretty colorful.

They may have problems with mold here.

Another one of my window shots now something of a trademark of mine. This one is one of my favorites so far, to be honest.

All windows of the cottage had been smashed and lay on the floor of the building.

There had been a fireplace of some sort, but it had been demolished at some point. Or I believe, that there had been. What else would explain the chimney?

In the next post we’ll move on to the third auxiliary building.

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