Hold Your Horses Part IV

So this was the entrance to the building. The door was locked and the handles had vanished, so we couldn’t exit this way.

The door led to a small hall, where you could either choose to go straight to the kitchen through what had probably been the original entrance to the house, or remain in the annex. As we had already explored the original house, now was the time for the annex.

This rather blurry image is from a toilet. Before this was built there had probably been a privy in the auxiliary building.

There was also a small storage room. Through it was the access to another bedroom.

There was quite some mess here. Even the bed was upside down.

Well, maybe this was why the bed was upside down. I’ve talked about this with a couple of friends and fellow explorers, and yes, I would one day like to get the chance to use these in an abandoned house myself.

The other side of the annex were a small dressing room, a shower room and a sauna. This is the dressing room. The floor is similar to the one in the kitchen.

There was so much debris and so many doors, that it was at times difficult to move through the rooms.

This is where they got to shower once the annex was built. Before that the only place was the sauna.

The shower was not a very clean place anymore.

A look through the shower room’s window towards the auxiliary building. From here it can be seen, that it in fact consists of three parts. Taking into account all my previous guesses, I think the most likely story is that the old person whose mail I found had originally lived in the cottage and their kids had built this house, where the old person would live with them until their old age. But again I’m just guessing.

Abandoned by the bees. So there’s an abandoned home inside an abandoned home. Clever.

The newer sauna was much smaller than the old one in the auxiliary building.

Even this stove was wood powered. Electric ones came later.

This look back towards the hall from the dressing room was the last image from this house I took. We then continued to the third location in the same area.

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