The Railroader’s Cottage Part II

I roamed around the downstairs looking for a stairway up, but was only walking in circles. This was the same room with the bicycle seen before from the opposite side.

I finally found a way up. It was just a bit difficult to access the stairs because of the rubble.

But before finally going up I seemed to want to spend a little more time downstairs.

I actually wonder why. After all I had already seen and photographed this room thoroughly.

A better look at the pile of rubble. That seems like it has previously been a door.

There was even another entrance to the building next to the stairs, but it wasn’t of much use. The space between it and the stairs had been used as a storage.

I did take a look at the stairs but decided not to go anyway. The building was in a pretty bad condition and I didn’t want to take any chances.

Instead I went to the other apartment, which was accessible from next to the stairs. This one was much smaller.

This and the following photo help understanding how small the living space had been.

So there it is. Not much space to live in.

The other room of the apartment was pretty dark, as windows had been boarded shut here.

A view from both of the apartments. The stairs up are in the space between them to the right.

The other apartment contained much more furniture than the larger one.

One final detail. Some guy is painting sausages in abandoned houses. I will photograph many of his works in the years to come.

I exited through the window in the smaller apartment. It was even more difficult to get out than it was to get in. But made it!

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