That’s A Lot Of Wood

It was day four of my summer vacation. I had already left the Åland Islands behind and was now zigzaging smaller and smaller roads to collect all municipalities in Finland. I had slept at a parking lot and been so tired, that I hadn’t woken up, when a truck had parked its trailer right behindContinue reading “That’s A Lot Of Wood”

Work in Progress Part III

Another look at the room with the vintage lamp. The door frames look like they have been torn off and there’s a ladder on the floor. It actually also seems like the floor is not really a floor but just two very large boards piled on top of another. The main stairway of the apartmentsContinue reading “Work in Progress Part III”

Work in Progress Part II

Upstairs we go. This was where a meeting room and employer apartments were located. This, I believe, was the meeting room. And the reason to that is very simple. The reason to my belief was this utterly stupid stairway. It led up from the production area, and ended up in this room without really acnowledgingContinue reading “Work in Progress Part II”

Home Is A Bit Tired, Dear

Abandoned homes next to smaller roads outside cities are a very common sight in Finland. Perhaps they were inherited by people, who never married, perhaps they were built by a couple, who never had children. Or maybe they did, but the children didn’t want to live there. Or broke contact with their parents. Or startedContinue reading “Home Is A Bit Tired, Dear”

Ruins of a Life

After exploring the horse farm, we moved on towards our next location just a few hundred metres down the same road. After looking through the photos of another urban explorer and comparing them to the satellite photos from the area, I determined I was looking for a very old house, which had probably partly collapsedContinue reading “Ruins of a Life”

Hold Your Horses Part IV

So this was the entrance to the building. The door was locked and the handles had vanished, so we couldn’t exit this way. The door led to a small hall, where you could either choose to go straight to the kitchen through what had probably been the original entrance to the house, or remain inContinue reading “Hold Your Horses Part IV”

Hold Your Horses Part III

May I present, the main building. I believe it has been built no later than in the 1940’s and expanded in the 60’s or 70’s. Back then it was common to build wings like the one on the right to old houses. They would include a toilet, shower, sauna and perhaps a room for aContinue reading “Hold Your Horses Part III”

Hold Your Horses Part II

So here’s a better look at what we were actually exploring this time. Please ignore the strange effects on the sky that my photo editing software has decided to make. In the first part we explored a stable which is located behind the building we are in now. This building is the cottage I describedContinue reading “Hold Your Horses Part II”

Hold Your Horses Part I

We didn’t have to walk for long on the narrow countryside dirt roads before finding the second location we had been looking for. This one was rather large. There was a main building and three auxiliary buildings on the same lot, and all of them had open doors. We began with one of the auxiliaryContinue reading “Hold Your Horses Part I”