Ralph’s House Part III

Among the items was also a packet of cigarette papers. It seems that Ralph was a smoker or knew someone who was. More map pages. This one is from the border of Finland and Sweden in Lapland. The shelf also featured Christmas greetings and letters from relatives and friends. The dice were in the package,Continue reading “Ralph’s House Part III”

Ralph’s House Part II

Although there was very little furniture in the house, there were some personal items, which reveal little pieces about Ralph’s life. There were several letters from Ralph’s sibling to him from Sweden. It turned out that there was a lot of family living abroad. Among the personal items was also a fine of 380 marks.Continue reading “Ralph’s House Part II”

Ralph’s House Part I

Outside town, in the woods was a small one family home. Its windows were broken and door unlocked. It was clear nobody had lived here in ages. Nobody had lived here since 2007, to be precise. That was when the inhabitant died. We shall call him Ralph, although that’s not his real name. If thereContinue reading “Ralph’s House Part I”

The Cottage by the Closed Road

A beautiful summer day was turning towards the evening, the sun was setting, and the shadows were getting longer. I had found out that a small abandoned house lay in a very remote location, and decided to go have a look, if it was still around. Not only was the location very remote, it wasContinue reading “The Cottage by the Closed Road”

A Cabin in the Woods

Long bike trips were a thing for me that summer. And while biking in the suburbs, I was always on the lookout for new abandoned houses. Somewhere on the outskirts of the suburb Kaakkuri I spotted this tiny cottage, which most definitely seemed abandoned. The day was beautiful, and there were a lot of peopleContinue reading “A Cabin in the Woods”