The Fall Of Causes

After independence Finland fought a bloody civil war, which left the nation extremely divided. The whites and the reds couldn’t co-operate in almost anything and this led to an interesting dual society. One visible thing were sports clubs. In every major town there was at least one for the right wing people and one forContinue reading “The Fall Of Causes”

A Dream Vacation

Here we go again. The road ends in a cape in a remote location. I’ve received info about a location I should visit from a friend, and it looks like I’ve found what I’ve been looking for. We are literally in the middle of nowhere, and there’s a tennis court here. It looks like itContinue reading “A Dream Vacation”

Still Around

Of course the tour also included a look at the famous restaurant, which had been closed for eight years now. Its history has been covered better in earlier posts. The building, which I had last seen in 2018, still looked like it used to back then. New plans were already unfolding. Just three days earlierContinue reading “Still Around”

The Tavern

When I was working in the Southeast, I developed a good working relationship with an eccentric photographer in our paper. During our visit to a small municipality called Luumäki, we started discussing a small tavern in a small village called Jurvala close to the centre. Back in 2011 the place was an absolute blast fromContinue reading “The Tavern”

Just Came to See if You Were Still Around

Although I quit photographing and exploring abandoned places after my disappointment with the quality of my photos, I never lost interest towards the world of the abandoned. When I decided to spend the new year in the same city where I made a road trip the previous summer, it was clear where I would go.Continue reading “Just Came to See if You Were Still Around”

A City in Change

Welcome to Oulu, the city of long, cold winters, tar and technology. Located in the narrowest part of Finland at the mouth of Oulu river, it calls itself the capital of Northern Scandinavia. Not exactly located in Scandinavia, it is the indisputable capital of Northern Finland. Northern Finland is losing a lot of its population.Continue reading “A City in Change”

Life Left When the Ore ran out

The place featured in this week’s post is rather unusual, as it’s not really abandoned. We are talking about the village of Otanmäki, which is located in the former municipality of Vuolijoki, a part of Kajaani since 2007. The village was founded in the early 50’s, when iron ore was found nearby. A mine wasContinue reading “Life Left When the Ore ran out”