Got Past The Final Boss Part VI

Like I promised, the final post from this location is all about the other buildings and their history. The large block of flats to the right is a former dormitory. It was built in the 1970’s, when the area was starting to be used for shorter teacher training periods. Next we’ll turn our attention toContinue reading “Got Past The Final Boss Part VI”

Got Past The Final Boss Part V

Known as the bird attic, the top floor of one of the wings contained five accommodation rooms and a common room. The rooms were located by a corridor. Almost all doors were open. The first room was a shower and bath. The last renovations had probably been made after 2000, because the room looks toContinue reading “Got Past The Final Boss Part V”

Got Past The Final Boss Part IV

So this is what’s on top of the auditorium: the new gym built in the 1950’s. A more general look on the room. Apparently there was equipment for gymnastics, while the bar and the mirror hint, that even ballet was being danced here at some point. Well, at least the windows are intact here andContinue reading “Got Past The Final Boss Part IV”

Got Past The Final Boss Part III

This is the sight that greeted me, when I entered the new main building. Like most buildings of this era, its wings were build in different levels. So this is the main corridor running through the building on the first floor. Most of the furniture in the building had been stored here. There was alsoContinue reading “Got Past The Final Boss Part III”

Got Past The Final Boss Part II

The first view to the courtyard from the second floor windows. The brick building visible behind the trees is a former dormitory built in the 1970’s, when the seminar was closed and converted to providing other forms of education. Most of the second floor was what was the real gem of the building: the mainContinue reading “Got Past The Final Boss Part II”

Got Past The Final Boss Part I

I had once again slept in my summer car, and woken up very early to the sound of birds and the rising sun starting to heat up my car. It was around 6.45 am, when I reached a small town, which I rarely visit. I drove around the streets of the small centre and suddenlyContinue reading “Got Past The Final Boss Part I”

Velkua School

The following find wasn’t exactly a find. It was something I knew about, and decided to go and see, if it really was happening. The municipality of Velkua was a very small island municipality throughout its existence. There were only around 250 people living on some small islands and an even smaller area of landContinue reading “Velkua School”

Read All About It

My friends often ask me, how I find all these locations. I could reply with a song from my early 20’s: Read All About It. Of course this song has nothing to do with abandoned houses, but its title does. I mostly read about them. Every week I do a Google search on demolition plansContinue reading “Read All About It”

What Once Was Is No More

After almost 10 years I had returned to the Southeastern part of the country. Back in the days I had photographed a huge abandoned school in the town of Hamina. I knew the place had been demolished long ago, but I still wanted to see what had been built on the spot. I found this.Continue reading “What Once Was Is No More”

Going, Going, Gone

Despite having moved to the capital region, I still visited my old home town often, several times a month. During the visits I was often busy meeting friends and working. I really didn’t have much time to wander around. As I had spent a good ten years in the city, I knew a lot ofContinue reading “Going, Going, Gone”