A Dream Vacation

Here we go again. The road ends in a cape in a remote location. I’ve received info about a location I should visit from a friend, and it looks like I’ve found what I’ve been looking for.

We are literally in the middle of nowhere, and there’s a tennis court here. It looks like it just needs a net and it would be all set for playing. Even the lines are there.

Oh! Will there be someone receiving me?

Not just a reception but a large restaurant complete with a terrace. The place I was tipped about was an old camping site, and it looks like the services have been pretty good out here back in the days. Now it’s all closed and rotting, of course.

It looks like the place is very much accessible.

The chairs did look pretty comfortable, too. They had been used to break the windows, but I still had to be careful when going in. I was again totally unequipped wearing mini shorts and flip flops.

I eventually managed to gain entry by sitting on a window board and hauling myself over broken glass.

The place looked really cozy. So cozy, that I’d probably have fancied a beer here. There had even been a small stage for performers, so probably one or another favour former star had performed here.

It also looked a bit like the restaurant had been enlarged at some point. The windows on the back of the room might have previously led outside.

There was even a small cloakroom. I doubt that it had ever been properly equipped with bouncers and stuff.

I can just imagine a midsummer night with a good band and some dancing.

Welcome to the dark side of the restaurant. With a nice bar and stuff.

The view from behind the windows. I believe this to have been the original part of the building with the larger pavilion added later on. Don’t ask me why, I just got the impression.

So the reception really is in a separate building from the restaurant? Well, I guess it works this way too.

Even the reception building had a large terrace. A band could have played here, too, and we really could have had a nice ball.

It looks like the reception has originally functioned as the bar of the area, but that has been insufficient and a new building has been built. I mean, why would a place like this otherwise have two bars?

The other side of the reception as seen through a window. I couldn’t access this building, as the door was still locked, and the broken glass in the lower parts of the windows prevented entry in the same manner as to the restaurant.

And this is why I felt uneasy the whole time. I already saw all the cars when I came to the location, and apparently all the people were having a party on the beach next to the area. But still I couldn’t be too sure about not meeting all these people in the buildings.

Well, I survived, the buildings did not. They had both been demolished by 2022, when I returned to the site.

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