The Anatomy Of An Abandonment

Another small rural village, another former commercial building abandoned. As you clearly can see, it’s a former co-operative grocery store. And how do I know this. Well that’s because it looks like this one. They are definitely drawn by the same architect, Erkki Huttunen, in the late 1930’s or early 1940’s. What I found ratherContinue reading “The Anatomy Of An Abandonment”

Making Way

Driving along, the next find was this clearly emtpy former store. The story doesn’t tell, what it was. Clearly it was an early 20th century business building with room for two businesses. The wing in the back seemed like a storage and loading dock. The wing to the right seemed like an apartment wing. ButContinue reading “Making Way”

Bad At Predicting The Future

Welcome to another small village, where the local grocery store has closed for good. There it is and it’s clearly abandoned. I did a walkaround, but there was no way in. The store belonged to one of the largest chains in Finland. All the stores in the chain have names of their own. This oneContinue reading “Bad At Predicting The Future”