100 Years of History Gone in a Day

The following stop on my tour of Finland was Liperi. It was early afternoon, we were hungover as hell and slowly making our way back towards Helsinki through all possible places in Northern Karelia. It was scorching hot, so we stopped to buy some cold drinks in the local store. The whole village smelled ofContinue reading “100 Years of History Gone in a Day”

Up In Smoke

My weekend getaway in my home town was coming to a close. I was in no hurry to get back home, so I decided to make the most out of my trip. The Guardian’s article in January had listed the most beautiful rural railroads in Europe, and they had chosen the track between Oulu andContinue reading “Up In Smoke”

First Came Development, Then There Was Fire

For several years now I had read stories and seen photos about an area called Tehtaanmäki (Factory Hill) near Savio, Kerava. There had been a massive rubber factory, and somewhere behind it was the factory’s former residential area. What I understood from articles like this one, there had been several beautiful brick houses and severalContinue reading “First Came Development, Then There Was Fire”

A Documentarian in Making

Basically this post is all about me explaining, why I photograph the way I do. But I find it important, so I’ll do it. When I first entered abandoned buildings, it wasn’t about details or excitement. The thrill was actually in seeing, how the places were, before they were completely destroyed. I had found aContinue reading “A Documentarian in Making”