The Riddle Of The Station

I went on along the Eastern border and reached a municipality called Rautjärvi. The place is rather small, and the biggest thing there is a large cardboard factory. The municipality’s veins are highway number 6 and the Karelian railroad track, which go directly through it. The current Rautjärvi Municipality was formed in 1973, when theContinue reading “The Riddle Of The Station”

Up In Smoke

My weekend getaway in my home town was coming to a close. I was in no hurry to get back home, so I decided to make the most out of my trip. The Guardian’s article in January had listed the most beautiful rural railroads in Europe, and they had chosen the track between Oulu andContinue reading “Up In Smoke”

Evolving Tampere

This is the city of Tampere, nicknamed Mansesteri after Manchester because it used to be the industrial capital of Finland. The capital of the second largest region after Helsinki, it’s a thriving city, which had just received its new landmark: a huge tower hotel built next to the old railroad roundhouses by the station. BackContinue reading “Evolving Tampere”