Valkeinen Hospital

Welcome to Kuopio, the town of a thick dialect and famous for extremely strange fish pastrys called the Kalakukko (fish cock). They are large rye breads, which are filled with fish, pork and bacon. The locals are passionate about it and often quarrel about what fish should be used and which bakery produces the rightContinue reading “Valkeinen Hospital”

Just Another Mental Asylum

Abandoned mental asylums had sort of been the thing of this summer. I had found a nice and useful list of former mental asylums, and as I now was doing a tour on Finland, I decided to visit them all. This mental asylum had originally been a mansion, which was bought by the town toContinue reading “Just Another Mental Asylum”

We’ll Show You The Morgue Part VII

We were faced with a very large lobby, which was in a horrible condition. As the hospital was built on a hillside, this floor was partly the ground floor and partly the basement. But we’re still above ground level. The room had what looked like a buffet. It seems we found the canteen of theContinue reading “We’ll Show You The Morgue Part VII”

We’ll Show You The Morgue Part VI

We next found the main lobby and what was probably the main entrance to the hospital. We started looking for a way to the other wing of the building, but before that we found some unexplored rooms in the back of the building. This is probably where the patients were admitted to the hospital. TheContinue reading “We’ll Show You The Morgue Part VI”

We’ll Show You The Morgue Part V

So we’ve reached the top floor of this wing. What still remains to be explored is the whole other one seen somewhere over there. A look down. The 1960’s was the first decade, during which not much emphasis was placed on the stairways of the buildings. Despite this one being just a side one, itContinue reading “We’ll Show You The Morgue Part V”

We’ll Show You The Morgue Part IV

So far the hospital had offered us little more than smashed rooms with office furniture and old hospital equipment. On the third floor we found something almost unseen in this building: curtains. An old hymn book. These were common in old institutions back in the days. The third floor corridor. It looks like the authoritiesContinue reading “We’ll Show You The Morgue Part IV”

We’ll Show You The Morgue Part III

The previous post ended in stairs, this one begins with stairs. Behind the corner from the last view was fire hose, plastic and some random cloth. This really is a weird decoration element and certainly not an original feature. But why, jus why is there a goose every two ducks? I don’t get this. ThisContinue reading “We’ll Show You The Morgue Part III”

We’ll Show You The Morgue Part II

Inside we are. Already in the first rooms you could see that the hospital was badly damaged. There was a lot of wear on the walls, debris and glass everywhere. The colors and materials were a bit different than in the previous mental asylums I had visited, but all in all this was very muchContinue reading “We’ll Show You The Morgue Part II”

We’ll Show You The Morgue Part I

I got to choose the first location in the town, my friend chose the second. Already the previous summer they had sent me videos, in which they crashed an abandoned mental asylum in the middle of the night and found the old morgue. Since then they had been talking about taking me there. The complexContinue reading “We’ll Show You The Morgue Part I”