Final Moments Captured

Driving on to the next municipality, the next and the next. I was now trying to visit as many of them as possible, and as of this there was very little exploring I could do.

But when entering the center of this small municipality, I really couldn’t miss this one.

As the municipality was very small, this building was one of the oldest, largest and most ‘visual’ ones in the centre. Yet it seemed like it was under demolition.

It looked like a two family house, but what struck me was, that it was made of stone. This was a very small municipality, where most of the buildings from this era were wooden. This one was not, and yet it was clearly being demolished, as the windows had been removed. One of them can be seen inside the building.

Even more puzzling was, that it was not just one building. There were two, clearly from the same era and both suffering the same fate. This one had a fence around it and even the excavator was readily available.

All of the stuff still inside the larger building had been thrown out.

The stuff included boxes, furniture and even some hand made carpets customary to this area of Finland.

There was nobody around, so I couldn’t ask what the buildings were about. A later research on maps shows, that they were indeed both demolished.

A local friend of mine told me later, that the other one of these housed a kindergarten. What they had been and why they have been demolished remained a mystery for a long time before I accidentally visited this same municipality again last summer and asked a local. He said them being the former health care center.

And indeed he was pretty correct. The other building was the former doctors’ house, the other one the local child health center. Or at least that was, what they were when they were built. Their later use remains a mystery apart from the kindergarten.

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