Ruins From My Past

I went on from the tavern, found the next ruin and stopped to take a photo of it.

I sat for quite some time in my car watching Google maps trying to figure out what had been on that spot. It was a simple log cabin, not much more special than the ones I stayed in when spendin my weekends in Lapland with my friends. But when I noticed that it had been a fur store, I stopped and did some more research.

The hut on the lot belonged to a fur company in Lappeenranta. And it was a company with a too familiar name. I had actually met the owners of the company back in 1999, when I was still ten years old. It was an elderly couple, who sold their products at a fair in Helsinki. They were so nice, that I just hung out at their stall talking to them.

But this was 21 years later. And I was on the ruins of their business. What are the chances?

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