Ralph’s House Part III

Among the items was also a packet of cigarette papers. It seems that Ralph was a smoker or knew someone who was. More map pages. This one is from the border of Finland and Sweden in Lapland. The shelf also featured Christmas greetings and letters from relatives and friends. The dice were in the package,Continue reading “Ralph’s House Part III”

Ralph’s House Part I

Outside town, in the woods was a small one family home. Its windows were broken and door unlocked. It was clear nobody had lived here in ages. Nobody had lived here since 2007, to be precise. That was when the inhabitant died. We shall call him Ralph, although that’s not his real name. If thereContinue reading “Ralph’s House Part I”

The Sorry State of the Mastodon Part IV

Well I did promise some views, didn’t I. We’re not quite there yet, and the windows are a bit dirty for sightseeing anyway, but this photo actually started a trend I have employed a lot later on in my photography. As the evening light came so beautifully through the window, I started photographing sceneries framedContinue reading “The Sorry State of the Mastodon Part IV”

The Sorry State of the Mastodon Part II

The door was indeed ajar. It led to a very dark basement, which could best be described as being a maze. We went through it carefully using our phones and flashlights, but the trek did remind me of why I usually never enter basements when being in abandoned buildings. The first staircase we found wasContinue reading “The Sorry State of the Mastodon Part II”

Rust in Peace

Our journey on the border between Finland and Russia continued to smaller and smaller dirt roads. My friend acting as the guide said, he knew another location, which might be interesting. He said it was a bit difficult to spot, so he told me to slow down while he was keeping an eye on theContinue reading “Rust in Peace”

Same Old Villa, Different Colours Part III

The upstairs was a maze, and now that its windows had been boarded shut, it was a dark maze. As I had been here before, I actually knew what to expect. It was the details I was after. The dialogue between the taggers continued. “Please keep up just a little more”, one begs. “Fuck no”,Continue reading “Same Old Villa, Different Colours Part III”

Same Old Villa, Different Colours Part II

Moving around the villa had been easy and quiet during my previous explorations. Now it was quite the opposite. Vandals had destroyed places so badly, that you had to constantly mind your step. There was rubble from the smashed floor tiles everywhere. There was wood, ther was glass. And we were equipped with just lightContinue reading “Same Old Villa, Different Colours Part II”

Same Old Villa, Different Colours Part I

Leaving town meant also saying goodbye to all the familiar urbex locations I had explored during the past few years. One which I was especially fond of was the modernist villa in Toppila. Since my previous visit the surroundings of the villa had changed a lot. A new temoprary service road had been punctuated inContinue reading “Same Old Villa, Different Colours Part I”