Ralph’s House Part I

Outside town, in the woods was a small one family home.

Its windows were broken and door unlocked. It was clear nobody had lived here in ages.

Nobody had lived here since at least 2007, to be precise. Before that, there was an man living here. Let’s call him Ralph.

After Ralph left, vandals had found their way in. Why they made a second hole in the kitchen floor is a bit unclear to me.

Immediately next to the entrance were narrow stairs to the basement.

And in the basement was a very small sauna. The room was so low I couldn’t stand straight. I am tall, though.

Even the sauna’s windows had been smashed. The yard is slowly turning into a forest.

Laundry detergent by Spar. The company left the Finnish market in 2005, so the package is at least 15 years old.

And a 15 year old newspaper. Like I told earlier, I worked for this company . I’ve always wanted to find myself in an abandoned building, but I hadn’t started with the company yet back in 2005.

I find the colours in this photo extremely harmonious.

Like I said in an earlier post, this was when I started taking window shots. This one isn’t one of my greatest.

There was very little furniture left in the house. The shelf was one of the largest items.

The formation of rocks in the living room was a rather strange detail. I first thought they were from the sauna stove, but I don’t think that was the case.

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