Same Old Villa, Different Colours Part II

Moving around the villa had been easy and quiet during my previous explorations. Now it was quite the opposite. Vandals had destroyed places so badly, that you had to constantly mind your step.

There was rubble from the smashed floor tiles everywhere. There was wood, ther was glass. And we were equipped with just light shoes made of fabric.

Well they are right to be honest.

We next climbed on the wobbly pile of furniture which had stood still for three solid years. the holes in the wall were now bigger and it was quite easy to get upstairs. There was the surprise of a lifetime: the wall which had been brownish cork had now a huge mural of a leopard on it. It was so beautiful that even vandals had let it be. Or then it was just brand new.

This used to be the kitchen. The broken cupboard had been taken away and the windows covered with plywood. I really didn’t recognize the room from the photos from my previous visits.

Apparently during the years the place had been empty there had been a cat and mouse chase between the vandals and the owner. One kept on boarding windows shut, the others kept on breaking new entries to the building.

The bathroom was rather strange and L-shaped. One end was a toilet, the other end had showers. There were also two doors very far apart. Imagine forgetting to lock the other one.

The other “wing” of the bathroom. All in all the layout of this house was very strange.

There was now much less remaining of the bathtub than during my previous visit. Apparently it was a cool weekend activity to chop it up in pieces and throw them out of the window.

The upstairs was almost as destroyed as was downstairs.

Someone had rewritten most of the beautiful texts into something not so beautiful. Mould had started to take over the place, too.

“A letter just for you”, says the text. A dick pick in a letter seems like an interesting concept. I did photograph an empty envelope, which said “the finder gets to keep” during my previous visit. I wonder, if there actually was something real inside, or did the finder get to keep just an empty evelope.

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